do you eat matzah between purim and pesach?

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    what is your minhag? I know some people don’t eat matzah after purim or maybe after Rosh Chodesh nissan, what is the reason for this minhag?


    The halocha is one may not eat Matzah erev Pesach, in order for the Matzah to be special when doing the Mitzvah. In the spirit of this halocha, some people have a minhag not to eat Matzah two weeks before Pesach, or four weeks before.


    My personal minhag B”N is to avoid matsah whenever possible. I eat it when I have to. That way, I clearly show how I only eat it for a mitsvah :>


    With all of the shaloch manos to be consumed before erev pesach, who has a taivah for matza after purim?


    Absolutely not. I don’t eat matzah much during the year (except for the few weeks AFTER Pesach when I still have lotsa matzah), but I bedavka will not eat it after Purim.


    I try my best not to eat matzah any time that it is not Pesach. It’s especially hard in the week immediately following Pesach because of the delicious leftover shmurah, but I haven’t eaten matzah except on Pesach for about the last 5 years straight.


    I will eat egg matzah throughout the year except for Pesach, but I cut out all matzah after Purim.


    actually, the question should be: “do you eat between purim and pesach?” it would make my life much easier if my husband would have such a minhag.

    one frazzled ema 😉


    LOL Binahyeseira! I was worried about that myself. How am I going to put supper on the table when I am getting ready for pesach? Maybe we need a new minhag between purim and pesach…

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