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    We have a fish, if you can call that a pet. When my husband suggested we buy a tank, I wasnt too thrilled about the idea. But, it was worthwhile cuz it’s a lot of fun for the kids!


    Yes, we have a 6 year old Keeshond. (That’s a dog breed.)


    I can’t even deal with a tiny ant.To quote DR.Suess,we live “in a people house”!

    always here

    I have a more than 1 yr old male betta (Siamese fighting fish); it lives in a fishbowl.

    I had a 17 month old goldfish who died recently.


    I have a pet peeve, does that count?


    We’ve had a hamster pretty much continually for the past eight years or so. And we had multiple hamsters at a time before we had kids.

    The Wolf


    when i was little we had a hamster and it kept on running out of its cage till mommy had enough.

    we had many fish won at carnivals but they never lasted more than a week. either because we all wanted a chance to feed it. so it died.

    or we played with it, il spare you the details. lol

    so now we dont have any anymals besides homo-sapiens.


    UUUUCCCCHHHH! when the kids come home with goldfish from carnivals the fish get left on the porch! no animals in my house!!!

    always here

    my daughter brought home a carnvial goldfish. I kept it nicely in a large bowl. as I said previously, it lasted 17 months. I was saddened when it died.


    i have a whole zoo! the same kid claims to be a tiger, dog, lion, and a few others… 🙂


    I have three dogs and a cat. Contrary to popular belief dogs and cats get on very well when brought up together. I originally started off with one dog as my father’s rosh yeshiva told him it would be a great way to teach me responsibility, it worked!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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