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    If you feel you do, that you are a non-judgmental warm person, there will be a wonderful opportunity to at the #ShtiselMeetup taking place on July 28th in Crown Heights. This event has nothing to do with Chabad, it is just that the venue is located there.

    What does Shtisel, the Israeli series being broadcast worldwide by Netflix have to do with kiruv? Because this amazing show has attracted viewers from literally, all over the world with highly diverse backgrounds, we’ve been finding that the viewers who are not frum Jews are fascinated by this peek into life in Geula. They post tons of questions on various social media forums. And when they come to this event, they’ll be bringing their questions with them.

    If Hareidim in Israel watch Shtisel, so can you. It is 100% kosher, there are no OTD characters in this series.

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