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    I have been pondering/asking this question for years as it seems to come up many times while modding. The latest example that got me thinking, though not as harsh and conspiratorial as some, is the following:

    Seems to me he [the mod on duty] just doesn’t want the topic to turn into a real discussion.

    So my question is, if you tend to do this, is this a personality thing? Is it a product of talking with people you don’t know much about? Is it perhaps connected to being over confident in your own opinions? Do you do this in real life as well?

    Thanks, I appreciate the insight.

    ☕️coffee addict


    נשים דעתן קלות



    Thanks for that insight!

    Seriously tho, I can’t say it’s only been men, since i don’t really know who anyone actually is, but it’s probably 10:1 male to female posters (as they present themselves to be). Are you thinking that is relevant?


    I believe, in my case that MODS have their own reasons besides the official policy to cut off a thread. Not a conspiracy, but personal reasons may come into play. My bigger question for MODS is why they sometimes allow inane idiotic opening posts at all.


    Are you referring to this one? 🤨


    No, not this one but there are a few other current threads that I believe fall into the category.


    Mod-29 did you just jump to a conclusion? 😉
    I was thinking he meant a different inane opening post.


    Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise many CR readers get


    Just curious, why were any of the vaccine threads closed?


    They were making people sick!!!

    sorry, couldn’t resist


    I think 25 closed one while another was being used. I can check.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Thanks for the laugh



    @Coffee Addict
    After Tisha B’Av we are entitled to levity and joy.
    I closed the office for the day.
    My family is all here at the compound. 85 degrees, sunny. The swimming pool is refreshing.
    Just grilled a load of rib steaks, asparagus and native sweet corn for supper.
    Tonight’s entertainment was a sons/nephews vs. sons-in law/nieces’ husbands basketball game. Aftler Maariv we shall set off legal fireworks.

    Who needs to fight traffic to the Catskills or pay through the nose for camp. All the under 18 grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews have been here since school ended in June. The single 18-23 year olds will be here for bein hazmanim or until college/grad school starts. Mrs. CTL and my siblings are also here to enjoy and supervise. No worries about predators in camp counselor clothing. If at all possible family supervision is best, be it leisure, learning or business.


    Is anyone else waiting for Little Froggie to hop in here and talk about jumping?


    Excuse me lowerourtuition11210, who are you to judge the worth of some posts?

    Torah talk finds itself in interesting places.


    just a CR contributor with an opinion. Some posts may lead to torah talk, some though do not merit responses. Those are the inane idiotic posts I am referring to.


    I can’t say I disagree. I think it’s a freedom of speech thing.

    Little Froggie

    LB: Jump jump. (now I’m closer to my conclusion)


    So 29 is the funny mod of the bunch.

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