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    I’m new here!! So I guess you can all wish me shalom aliechem!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Baruch Habah



    ummm how exactly would one guess who you are??


    You look like my friend from Hong Kong.




    Tomche, shreck you gave me away… However did you guess, my friend???? Thanks everyone. Keep piling ’em in!

    Queen Bee

    Hello and welcome 🙂


    Moshiach please come, Shalom Aleichem and welcome to the CR. I’m also kind of new here.


    Hello and welcome!

    Wait a minute… your voice sounds a little familiar… Hey! were you the one who tried to sell me a “Prada” bag last week? you know i can report you!


    hey im new too

    im starting to become addicted

    is that weird???

    am yisrael chai

    Hi there, Mpc

    You just missed Goq’s birthday party…

    There are many new people here lately, so you are in good company

    minyan gal

    mustangrider I think you are correct. Now that I think of it, the voice is familiar. You were crowding me out with your qoo% original handbags while I was busy trying to move my stock of absolutely authentic diamond Rolex watches – the authentic ones with the 10 minute guarantee.


    Am yisroel chai send my birthday wishes to him! Belated)) did you save me a piece of cake??? I really wanted to be the only new one around here.. I think everyone else is just old timers pretending to be new.

    minyan gal

    MPC, the reason some of the old timers pretend to be new, is that when there is a party, they can get in line twice and then get an extra piece of cake. It seems that many people in the CR are pastry deprived, so must resort to drastic measures when there is a cake available. You will soon grow to understand and love all of us and all of our foibles. I am happy to meet you and in case you can’t figure it out by my name, I am the non-frum one around here. I think they keep me around as a mascot – or is that a hostage – I can’t remember which, but it is one or the other. Have a lovely day.


    I don’t know who you are. If I really have a need, I can turn on my Super Radar CR Member Locator Sensor apparatus and locate you. (it takes a couple of days to get fully functional, though) It has a 3-4 inch accuracy.

    I have you warned!


    I’m shocked no one has guessed Joseph yet…


    im NOT new here… Unless its still considered new….. welcome aboard.

    bpt- where’s the question? are you scared lately? you failed to ask it a couple of times already

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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