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    Or do you need specifics. Like thick thin crust
    Cheesy not cheesy.
    Can you eat it cold or only very hot


    I have a special fondness for Ungarishe Pizza….nothing else compares!!

    Burnt Steak

    Pineapple Pizza <3


    There is mitzvah to love G-d. People naturally love their loved ones. I don’t get how someone can use the word love for pizza. Enjoy, like, prefer are fine.


    Burnt Steak….Hawaiian Pizza doesn’t hold a candle to the original Ungarishe recipe from the Alte Heim


    No I do not like “all” pizza. preference thin crust, sauce and either mozzarella or muenster cheese

    anonymous Jew

    Ungarishe? A silly joke?


    I am a New Haven Native. We love Apizza. Pronounced ah-beatz…………………
    Extra thin charred crust, baked in a coal fired oven. Crushed tomatoes, olive oil, a bit of dried spices and a dusting of grated Romano cheese. Mozzarella and other items are extras.

    At home I use a wood fired outdoor brick oven top make apizza


    “I don’t get how someone can use the word love for pizza. Enjoy, like, prefer are fine”

    So. this may surprise you but “love” (like many words) has more than one meaning. If you look up the word
    “love” you will find “ or enjoy very much.” You are confusing it with another definition “1.feel deep affection for ”

    What I find most striking about pizza, is that people don’t seem to get borded of it. There was a point in my life when I had pizza 4 times a week (sunday, Thursday Friday and Motzei Shabbos) and it was still exciting*.

    I’m not sure any other food would maintain its appeal like that

    T o answer the OP, I cant stand cold** (or even cool) pizza

    * To be clear, funny bone I don’t mean “produce a state of increased energy or activity in (a physical or biological system).” I mean “cause strong feelings of enthusiasm and eagerness ”

    ** ie “of or at a low or relatively low temperature” not “unemotional”


    CT to stick in an odd topic comment
    I love (poppy funny bone, thanks ubiq) McCowen (however it’s spelled) apples but they are hard to find in Brooklyn
    Recently I saw that shop rite had so I eagerly bought some
    They tasted like mislabeled Macentosh


    I feel your pain. McCoun are hard to find, have a short growing season and often mislabeled. Our tree yields the nest apples in early October.
    Supermarket staff have no idea about what variety of fruit they sell. I only like Santa Rosa Plums. BUT the supermarkets just mark plums as Black Plums or Orange. Last year, I found a display in Shop-Rite marked Santa Rosa and was all excited. Took one bite and spit it out. It had a orange interior. Santa Rosa have a dark red flesh.

    Amil Zola

    I love thin crust, with San Marzano tomatoes from my garden, imported parm, some green olive oil, and full fat mozzarella which is always homemade. Weather permitting I’ll bake it outdoors on fire brick placed over the grate on my firepit and use the dome from a large Weber over the pie to act as an oven. When it’s almost done I’ll slide the pie off the fire brick onto the grate to char the bottom. In the winter I will cook it in the oven on fire brick and slide it off with a peel to an empty grate to char the bottom. Now the dough for winter pie is made the same day. Summer pie, the dough comes from a plastic tub from that’s been filled with dough and added to on a regular basis. It yields a thin chewy crust every time.


    Any pizza goes, hot or cold.

    Avram in MD

    Thick or thin, cheesy or not, hot or cold, I have never met pizza I did not like.

    pro geshmake yidden

    I once ate pizza that tasted like socks


    In the Jewish circles there’s many types of pizza for instance classic Jewish pizza is thick crust sweet Sauce and cheep cheese. then there’s Jewish-Italian or new York style which is the classic thin crust san Marzano sauce and mozzarella. then there’s authentic Italian which is great dough well balanced sauce and high quality cheese/
    so here goes
    my favorite Jewish style pizza is: amnones
    Jewish Italian pizza time
    authentic Italian: pizza desolo (which sadly is no longer open.


    Def am not a fan of pizza that tastes like socks.

    Picky about toppings… For example, I won’t eat pizza that had onions in it (even if they are picked out). Mushrooms are also a no no.

    More crust is better.

    In summary, not a fan of all pizza.

    Burnt Steak

    @CT Are there any local kosher pizza restaurants in New Haven that make that style of pizza? I’ve heard that New Haven has good pizza but I never got the chance to visit yet.


    NY pizza tends to be the best, the old McDaniels pizza on Kings Highway in Brooklyn was amazing….


    “” Ungarishe [pizza]? A silly joke?””

    Not to those who grew up on it…..find some stale bread, shmear with ketchup and velveta, cover with a half pound bag of sugar and heat in a 400 degree oven for 18 minutes; sprinkle with freshly ground paprika before serving.

    frummy in the tummy

    Love (Definition 2) your response to funnybone.

    I love almost every type of pizza, but I’m wary of undercooked slices. However, I don’t HATE any pizza, even if I don’t love it, and even if it disagrees with me (a.k.a. my stomach).


    pizza happends to be yum only if its kosher with a good hechsher


    How would you know and why is that so?


    It is a mitzvah to love all Jews. It is easier to love all pizza.

    pro geshmake yidden

    I don’t think your denial of the lure of the outside world is helping anyone here.
    Chazal say not to say you don’t like non-kosher food but rather to say you’re not eating it cuz Hashem doesn’t allow it.
    Thank you tenth grade teacher for drilling that in

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