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    It seems to me that some people are not happy unless they are attempting/accomplishing 3 things at one time , one example and then ill let you comment, every day at work there are countless times when i answer the phone and the person who is calling me is in another conversation! you cant put your life on hold 5 seconds to wait for the person to answer the phone? that to me is very disrespectful. ok take it away


    I do multitask but not at other people’s expense like that. I often talk on the phone while folding laundry and rocking the baby with my foot. My kids remind me that even the malachim couldn’t do 2 jobs at once, but I just answer that that’s because they weren’t women.


    I multitask. I can do 15 things at once in my home, but I don’t feel like I must always be busy with so many things. I can relax too!


    depends what you mean. when it comes to important things, no (but i’m not yet a mother, so maybe b’ezrat Hashem i’ll learn one day)

    when it comes to talking on the phone listening to music and chatting on gmail and texting, well i can do that very well!


    if i need to get a lot of things done i’ll try to do all as fast as i can and at the same time if i can. i try not get people annoyed though 🙁 i hope i don’t get them annoyed. 🙁

    Shticky Guy

    Dear Goq,

    We are but mere males. We must acknowledge our limits. Do not aspire to such lofty, unobtainable, unprocurable prowess such as multitasking.

    We are good only for more simple things. (EG women?).

    Have a gr8 day.

    I must go now cause my 2 fones are calling, I’m in a meeting in my house with a friend while helping three kids with schoolwork, washing some dishes, tying my daughter’s shoelace, finishing preparing for daf hayomi and my son’s mishnayis test, buying something on ebay and eating my lunch. I must do all this cause my wife is on her fone and while she’s on her fone… say no more.

    PS Ever seen a woman try to drive and talk on a fone at the same time???

    a mamin

    Shticky Guy: FYI it is a well known FACT that women can multi task much better than MEN!!!


    If you want to do something well it must have 100% of your time and effort. If not, it will end up being done badly.

    Shticky Guy

    A mamin: I generally do not like generalizations.

    Anyway women are just usually busier. They say a woman’s job is never done… And then they wonders why they gets paid less…


    Hump Day Bump


    i can still do what i did a yr ago 🙂 oh, and at the same time, i can make myself breakfast/lunch/dinner.


    I am terrible at multitasking. :/ But I can whistle and hum at the same time – does that count?


    hmmm: how come Yummy’s first sentence is the same as Gefen’s? Gefen didn’t even post last year. Sounds fishy to me. 😉

    Song of Blessing

    multitasking is one thing. but talking on the phone while texting or typing on the computer – or talking to someone face to face whilst texting is nothing to do with multitasking its just plain RUDE! and I really try very hard not to do that….


    gefen, are you seeing things? 😉

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