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    Car 54 where are you?

    My mother the car

    Rocky and Bullwinkle

    The Farmer’s Daughter

    Father Knows Best

    My Little Margie *

    * Oh Susannah (the Gail Storm show after MLM)

    The Donna Reed Show

    Abbot and Costello

    Chiller Theater


    Mr. Wizard

    Ozzie and Harriet

    Bonanza and Gunsmoke (I still love those)

    Perry Mason


    ANY of the detective shows set in sunny climes

    Wow, I feel nostalgic. I need chocolate.

    minyan gal

    Moishe Oysher

    Jan Peerce

    Richard Tucker

    Sophie Tucker

    Groucho Marx (and all of his brothers)

    Old Banjo Eyes – Eddie Cantor

    Scissors, I can tell you that nobody ever asks me for ID when I go to the shnapps store. As my grandchildren say “Bubbie is old.” I am of legal age for at least 3 people plus a few more years for mazel.


    oomis 1105

    Sorry, but not only was i born in a leap year and actually am a drop younger.

    i also remember….

    the pharmacy selling Coca Cola in a special glass with its’ name

    Kahal Cholov Yisroel Milk

    Stumer’s Bread

    being permitted to eat such as Devil Dogs,Tootsie Roll, Nestles Crunch, Oh Henry bars because if the kosher grocer sold it we assumed it was okay for us to eat

    Klein’s ice cream machine, with ice cream pops for ten cents and a pull up crunchy paper wrapper

    Lieber’s candy store on Lee Avenue

    Madanim potato chips

    am yisrael chai

    Does anyone here have the VERY funny email that contrasts what a variety of words meant in the good old days versus what it means in today’s day?


    * Lisa Frank stationary

    How about a * tomigotchi (however u spell it) that oty that was an electronic animal that you had to feed etc…

    * DO u remember Kodac film, u just gave in a roll and didnt have to sit by a kiosk choosing pictures


    Sorry, but not only was i born in a leap year and actually am a drop younger.”

    Oops, hope I didn’t insult you. You are definitely in my own peer group, though.


    Ms. Critique I think you are in your 60’s?


    “Lieber’s candy store on Lee Avenue”

    I don’t know this store, but since we are talking about Willy in the old days, does anyone remember the Young Israel on Beford Ave? And if you do, can you name the candy man?


    Sorry, but life experience makes me sound older…many people ask me where i was during the war, so no i am not insulted.

    Perhaps one day we can have a CF masquerade where we all have to guess who all members are and admit to a correct guess. After masquerade we will choose new names for the CF.


    no lead pencils only regular ones with sharpeners

    And I thought I was old. I remember lead pencils back in the early 60s, and some of the ones we had at home from from the 50s.

    lol haifagirl i guess we had them i just didn’t use them haha..

    poster- lol i remember tamagotchi’s!then it got to smushy scented erasers, kookie pens and then silly bands..


    mechanical pencils?

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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