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    I think culturally north america will become more like asia where people who are sick or are worried will wear masks.

    What do you think?


    get with the program, buddy.
    Culturally North America wears masks.
    Full stop.


    everyone wears mask on the 14th of Adar


    Asian hospitalization rates are lower than white Americans – by 10% young, by 20% in 50-65, and by 30% for older. They should be doing something right. Maybe not just masking, but also having parents at home rather than institutions?

    A guesstimate looking forward – compare with rhinovirus that apparently also has multiple strains, the most risky time is up to 24 months, getting about 10 infections. So, somewhere on the order of 10 infections + vaccination should reduce covid to a common cold. So, say half of that would be tolerable. Some, rough estimate 5 encounters would lead to normal. Vax or get sick every 9 months – 45 months, or 3.5 years. Hopefully less if each next vaccine will give not just improve generic immunity but specific to the current variant.


    It’s currently culturally acceptable to wear a mask. I hope that continues. It’s crazy to think that if we just had a bit of a fever, or a little sneeze, we would walk into crowded supermarkets and shuls with no difference.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    huh? Are you kidding? Are you saying that if people have a bit of fever they should put on a mask and go into a supermarket? You must really have guzzled that koolaid. In the real world, if people are sick they stay home. They don’t put on useless masks and expose crowds of people while pretending they aren’t.


    I’m pretty sure that the increased anonymity of mask mandates is related to the dramatic rise of crime and political unrest


    If we wake ourselves up and face reality admitting to Hashems direct wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation and start doing serious Teshuva like we all did together in the story of Purim then this terrible coronavirus Mageifa will come to a complete halt and we will not be hearing of any more deaths or need to wear masks anymore like you ask.

    But with us-yes myself included-at this moment still living in denial sadly even though MILLIONS HAVE DIED-THOUSANDS OF THEM YIDDEN R”L-theres no way we can expect this coronavirus Magaifa to ever stop and it pains me to watch it still happening and watching my loving brethren just sitting living in Denial straight in front of Hadhem as he watches us from above.

    May we all wake ourselves up from our serious denial sleep if we ever expect this terrible coronavirus mageifa to end and may Mashiach come to klal yisroel ASAP


    I agree with Syag.
    If you’re sick stay home.
    If you’re not sick don’t wear a mask.
    and AAQ check out

    China’s Success Taming Virus Could Make Exit Strategy Harder

    then tell me if all the lockdowns masks and vaccines help.
    Natural immunity is the best


    pre-covid, there were people who would go to school and work when sick. Maybe it will be less acceptable now, especially if there is no loss involved, you can simply WFH.

    But “if you are sick, stay home” is not working enough for covid, given high infections before symptoms. But you are right, this should update my forecast. No symptoms is due to novelty of the virus and immune system lag until it starts fighting. After several exposures/infections, the running nose, etc symptoms will occur earlier and then the rules will be to stay home with symptoms and no need for masks after that.


    we should not read about China at all, it is a different world. We don’t know how many people died there. But look at AUS/NZ – how man lives these countries were able to save by their zero-covid policies (of course, being a remote island/continent helps also). Their path forward seems pretty simple now: there will be omicron-specific vaccine in 2 months, they’ll use it and open again. If new variant comes, it will take another 3 months to make a vaccine, they’ll close for 3 months.

    “natural immunity best” means that you are OK with people getting sick, some seriously, some dying, especially old and Roshei yeshivos. Vaccines have similar benefits to immune system as natural infection, similar or less risk of immune system side effects (myocarditis) and no risk of damage to lungs and other organs produced by “natural immunity”. This means vaccines beat natural immunity by “kal vahomer” principle. I do not understand how one interprets Torah to come to the opposite conclusion. Maybe we are coming from different facts. Please explain.


    Avira > increased anonymity of mask mandates is related to the dramatic rise of crime and political unrest

    any serious societal upheaval leads to unrests. Romans built a global civilization and suffered global pandemics.


    Syag, I respectfully disagree with you and back up Yserbius. Why would you ever walk around without a mask on your face or two or three, You never know if some unvaccinated disease spreader might sneeze or cough. Everyone knows vaccinated individuals cannot get the virus or transfer it to others.


    Anyhoo, staying home every time you don’t feel well isn’t an option. Sure I’d stay home if I were running a fever, but most “not feel well” is much more mild. There are winter months where I can barely go a full week without developing a cough or sneeze.


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