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    He is a self professed anti-Semite. Supposedly, he once said publicly that if he knew that Jews and blacks would wear his clothing, he would not have made them.

    1) A percentage of every item of clothing you buy goes directly into his pocket.

    2)When a Jew wear s/t that has a Jew hater’s name and logo prominently displayed,s/he is advertising either their lack sensitivity or their utter stupidity.

    But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?


    U wear cloths bc they look good on u!!! its better to look like a shlump and not a ben torah then to wear something that “maybe” isnt good???reallly?? thats wat the world has gone too???


    isnt it like buying german products?

    Feif Un

    He never said it. It was a rumor that he’d made those comments on the Oprah Winfrey Show, but it was not true. Do some research before posting something like this.


    Its a false rumor. Don’t believe everything you read.


    totally false, he never said that. it’s a rumor that goes back to the mid 90’s that he said it on Oprah but its not true. He even went onto Oprah to talk about how absurd the rumor was.


    I didn’t used to wear it, but I think I heard the company was sold to an Israeli firm, so now I do sometimes buy their things. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Boro Park Mensch

    BSD “Supposedly?” Supposedly? Ask your rav if based on “supposedly” you can libel someone.

    Wikipedia is your friend:

    Libelous hoax email

    An email saying that Hilfiger appeared on the Oprah Winfrey television show on “28 November” and made racist remarks, and calling for a boycott of Hilfiger’s merchandise, has circulated widely. It was first seen in 1996, seemed to disappear, but reappeared and was still in circulation as of 2011[update]. Winfrey made clear on her show and website in 1999 that Hilfiger had never appeared on her show until then, much less made the remarks attributed to him in the email; and Hilfiger paid investigators, who traced it to a college campus but could not identify the perpetrator. Allegations were reported to the Anti-Defamation League; they wrote to Hilfiger in 2001 “We have concluded that these rumors are completely false, and it is apparent that you never made the statements attributed to you, nor did you appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Hilfiger appeared on the Winfrey show on 1 January 2006, where he and Winfrey repeated that he had not appeared before. Winfrey said about the email “You’re supposed to say, ‘That’s a big fat lie.'”


    Of course I wear his clothing! He makes great dress shirts.




    Since I had heard that he had said that I have not bought one item that he sells. Whether it is true or not, I am perfectly fine not buying anything from this designer. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. A rumor like that didn’t get started for no reason at all. Even if he hadn’t said it in public it must have said it somewhere in private and that is how it came into public knowledge.

    The lie about the rumor was that HE was not her show before that appearance, so it was a big fat lie that he made such a statement on her show. But not that he never made such a statement.


    i would never wear an anti semite.(or any person)


    growing up, my parents never let me or my siblings buy TH. now i read snopes and know not true (supposedly), i can make my own decisions. being that i never needed TH and B”H i find clothing that looks just as great and is my style, why should i go and buy TH just for the symbol? (i dont get the whole label business. i dont own juicy, prada, lacoste etc. i own 1 RL shirt-and its a pajama. do ppl really need to wear clothes with labels to walk in public??? sorry for the rant but designer clothes baffle me)


    Boro Park Mensch-Ask your rav if based on “supposedly” you can libel someone.

    I will ask my rav if I need to ask Tommy for mechilah.(he may not want to moichel a Jew boy):)

    Thanks for the clarification everyone.

    Feif Un

    taking a break: I wouldn’t buy it for the symbol either. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothing for myself, with one exception – I’ll spend more for a suit for Shabbos. I find that a certain brand lasts longer for me, and that spending the extra money will get me a suit that will last for a very long time without wearing out.

    I have some Hilfiger clothing from when they were on sale. Pants for 9.99 a pair. I got 3 pairs. Shirts for 12.99 each. I got a few. Anything wrong with that?

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