Does anybody know a secular Israeli that was thanked for supporting Torah?

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    What has Hashem given us?We have something unprecedented in our history: Support of thousands of Torah students and institutions,by those who do not fully understand what they are paying for.

    On a local level whenever a Yeshiva or Shule receives even a minimal donation a thank-you card or a phone call goes out,for a major donation an ad is many times placed in a newspaper thanking the philanthropist or he is honored at a dinner.

    It is a shame a thank-you in a newspaper from the major yeshivas was never given to Israeli society. Or when asking for increase in stipends agree to give back to the community in the form of free lectures,Chavrusas, chesed activities etc…

    Why not even inform the public(for a true Yissachar Zevulun style) that at fixed times, learning and/or tehillim are going to be dedicated as a merit for different municipalities as a thank-you for their support?Even the most secular Israeli appreciates the power of a dedicated zechus.

    There is no such thing as receiving something for nothing in this world.For to long we have not been giving enough back.

    Ask yourself, would you give away millions of dollars if you did not know that your money was in fact well spent? It has been a Nes from Hashem (in a natural form) that this situation has gone on for so long as it defies logic.

    For years chilonim gave and gave how often did we show appreciation to Hashem for this phenomena or express thanks to the general populace of Israel who are the shlichim in the spread of Torah?

    Our current situation is analogous to a foolish person who starts receiving anonymous gifts on a daily basis. It is only on the day that the gifts stop coming does he make an effort to find his benefactor. Finally upon finding his benefactor, instead of apologizing for not reaching out sooner and telling him how he benefited from his gifts, instead gives his patron an admonishment for skipping a day.

    Hashem has given so many wonderful opportunities to study Torah but we are not showing enough appreciation to Hashem.

    (Even in America)How many Yeshiva Bochurim keep in mind their many benefactors in their tefillos and learning or thank Hashem in a meaningful way (on a daily basis)that they are supported for learning Torah?

    Imagine if more effort could be made to show Hashem thanks.If more effort could be made to consciously thank and reach out to those who support Torah (regardless if the patron is already frum or chiloni)showing the true beauty of what and whom they support,I highly doubt we would find ourselves in this situation. All Yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel should undertake major concerted outreach efforts to show the Beauty of Torah to those that support it.

    Shemos Lamed Daled Pasuk Tes)????????? ??? ??? ???????? ??? ??????????? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ????????????? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ???? ??????????? ???????????? ??????????????? ??????????????:

    Moshe told Hashem that if he found favor in his eyes then can Hashem please go in our midst for we are a stiff necked people may you forgive our iniquities and errors and make for us a portion.

    Hashem has shown us favor by allowing us to study Torah so easily and be in our midst. Regrettably despite excelling in learning, to a degree we remain a stiff necked people.

    Instead of Davening for the downfall of the secular establishment why not Daven for their Teshuva? (perhaps I missed it but I have not seen anything in newspapers to this effect) Many Gedolim have said to do Hishtadlus via our own teshuva and mitzvos,if we are doing more Mitzvos anyway think that it should be a zechus for everlasting change in secular outlook and not just to achieve a policy change.

    Instead of vicious hatred, rock throwing, name calling etc…against fellow Jews, why not show the true face of Torah. We can definelty show our love for Hashem and Torah learning in a way more befitting Kavod Shomayim.

    It is definitely possible to maintain our current approach and still manage to actualize changing the current government policy.However, if we do not change our ways by fully appreciating and share what Hashem has given us it is only a matter of time before we will once again have to deal with anti-religious agenda.

    ??????????? ???????????? ??????????????? ??????????????.As Hashem is already finding favor with us,if we change our ways then Hashem will surely give us back our portion.


    Beautifully said.


    Every election the hareidi parties thanked the hilonim by supporting their governments (the pay back for them supporting Torah). That was the deal. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. You support Torah, we support your coalition.

    The problem is that the Torah community kept growing and is jeapordizing the long term hiloni control over Eretz Yisrael. We aren’t will to reduce our numbers, and they can’t increase their’s.


    I’m a goy who sparks with antisemetic rage now and again. Hate for the secular Jews; particularly the godless arrogant famous ones. The poor religious Jews are the ones who prevent my rage from completely boiling over and repeating daily: ?????? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ?????

    And the way I see it. The money the secular use to support the Charedi was stolen from me.


    The problem is that the Torah community kept growing and is jeapordizing the long term hiloni control over Eretz Yisrael. We aren’t will to reduce our numbers, and they can’t increase their’s.

    And they are the ones working and paying taxes, As their numbers get smaller and smaller their tax rates are getting higher and higher to pay for the benefits. At some point they cannot pay anymore. They are entitled to feed their own families and pay their own mortgages too.


    Akupermena- It is our fault that Torah study has been diminished to just another category of government spending and became politicized.All government programs can be slashed especially if presumed to be wasteful.We must change our perspective and change the perspective of chilonim. If we who study Torah take the ability to study for granted treating stipends as if they are nothing more then government money, why should our supporters not feel the same way?


    abcd2: Which is why I support the Hareidi (e.g. Eidah hareidis) approach – don’t accept money from the zionists. As it says in Pirke Avos (meaning everyone should know about it – its not like its kaballah or something), when the govenrment gives you money, it’s always for an ulterior motive and you should be wary.

    zahavasdad: The “bribe” paid to the yeshiovos was in return for having the hareidi parties support the payers on political issues. It was, as they say in American law, good and valuable consideration. In fact, the bulk of financial support for Israeli yeshivos is not the from the government but from private (typically American) sources. That’s why the initial plan to coerce enlistment by cutting off yeshiva stipends failed – the stipends were negligible.


    Akurperma, you missed the point, even as expressed eloquently and bedarchei noam. On the institutional level, and on the individual level, it could work wonders, and slowly introduce some sorely missing menchlichkeit into both sides of the nasty political divide.

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