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    UrnPlease forgive me for being blunt, but I have a powerful point to make. Less than a few weeks ago we lost 3 Gedolei Hador from 3 continents in under 10 days. There’s no doubt Hashem was sending us a message. Did anything change?

    Now Hashem has raised the stakes and there’s a 9 year old boy missing.

    Let’s face it, Hashem likes Tehillim, but what good is Tehillim and Tefillos if we as people don’t change?

    Id like to know how many people will be mekabel to stop watching movies, reading goyishe garbage and listening to their music? How many girls and women will sew up their slits and start dressing Tznius? How many men will start learning more? Stop talking by Davening? How many men and women will stop talking loshon hora?

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hashem doesn’t want your 10 Kapitlech tehillim if you are going to go do some mega aveiros later in the day! We have to stop fooling ourselves and do sincere Teshuva.





    I care.


    my initial reaction to this post was “Oooh nooo, another poster having a freak attack, and screaming for all jews to do teshuva and to change. Very nice, now let me crawl back into my comfortable chair here and surf the net for something more interesting and entertaining”

    ….Wait a minute….Move over Yeitzer Hara!!

    WIY- You are on the ball, and are SOOO completely correct!!! Although it is not Elul yet and the theme of teshuva is not even close to the front of my mind, there are very bold and clear messages from Above that the status quo is very not well. Last thing we need to hear is R”L of tragedies in the catskills or anywhere, from car accidents, to missing kids, to whatever. All us men must learn more torah now in the summer. We lost 3 Torah Giants. YIDDEN,We need protection. And nothing protects and sends yeshuos as the power of TORAH! There is not enough torah learning in the summer. I will B”N will try to increase my learning. May we hear only good news and yeshuos.

    Thank you WIY for the vrtual wake up call.


    you could not have said it better. it’s true and it’s sad. we all have to try harder. kol yisrael areivim ze lazeh. we are all responsible for one another. but we are all at fault.


    Thank you WIY. Could not have been better said.


    I really hope my words have an impact. Im talking from the heart. It hurts me what’s going on in the Jewish world and it hurts me that so many people think that its got nothing to do with us. We are one nation, one people, acheinu bnei Yisroel. We are all brothers and sisters. Our actions effect each other, just like my tehillim can help you, my Torah can help you, and Chas veshalom the other way our aveiros can cause calamities to happen to other people.

    Im not trying to make anyone feel guilty, however we must take responsibility. Yes, you are responsible for me as I am responsible for you.

    Let’s show Hashem that we got the message!


    Agree. Except for one thing.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hashem doesn’t want your 10 Kapitlech tehillim if you are going to go do some mega aveiros later in the day!

    Hashem wants the 10 Kapitlech Tehillim even if a person will do the wrong things later. Its not all or nothing and no one should feel that even if they do the wrong things their Tefillos wont be accepted. Please, do Teshuva! But please keep davening.



    i will b”H try to be mekabel on some things… to tell u the truth though, i don’t think many people in my community are even aware any of this happened , even the three gedole hador :'( i happen to hear from a teacher recently and i think it’s horrible that i didnt know!!

    they may not know and that’s why they may not be rushing to do teshuvah even if we should anyway regularly.

    Another name

    (round of applause for WIY)

    Thank you for posting! You’ve inspired many (including me)


    I try to be a better to my kids.


    They will find the boy. Just keep repeating this to yourself. It’s not the three weeks yet. We shouldn’t think we deserve any of this. Just keeping repeating…they will find this Jewish boy.


    Whenever it is, may Leiby be returned to his family, shalaim b’ruchniyus, b’gashmiyus, and emotionally.


    I care! But I still think that tefillah should not be understated. Tefillah is in replace of the karbanos, which were used to atone for aveiros.


    WIY – Shkoyach for the mussar shmooze, where can I buy your sefarim? 😉


    WIY: Everything you said is true and extremely difficult to deal with… Thank you for speaking the truth and caring.

    We need to constantly hear the truth, otherwise the yetzer makes us drunk. Our challenge is to stay awake. There are very clear divisions now in our time, there are those that want the truth and are thirsty for it and those that want to bury their head in the sand… I am trying to be mild.

    Listen to Rabbonim that are speaking TRUTH to us, listen to Rabbi Shlomo Brevda’s shiurim… Rabbi Mansour… etc. We have to surround ourselves with those that want the truth as much as possible — that want to live a spiritual life — and want their whole lives to be about giving nachas to Ribbono Shel Olam.



    Im not saying Tefillah is not important. It VERY important. However every time someone gets sick or whatever we rattle off a kapitel or a few of Tehillim and feel like we did something. The bottom line is we are supposed to be moved by events to change our lives for the better.

    I hope they find the boy and he is safe and unharmed. However if you really want to do something that’s a zechus for Yehuda as well as yourself, commit (Bli Neder) to make a real permanent positive change in your life. It can be anything even something small like Benching out of a Siddur, or to learn an extra 10 minutes every day…there’s so many little changes we can make.


    I haven’t written any however I can recommend some good ones (not that they need my Haskomah) in Hebrew or English or with Hebrew English translations. This is not the time to crack jokes.

    basket of radishes

    My dear friend, All the Gadols that have passed were well into their later years. That said, when a child goes missing, we must indeed pray as we can and hope for the best. Did you not realize that there is evil in the world? And its not becuase I am listening to my Classic Rock station tonight. But as for needless movies, its just a matter of time before the simple learn to be wise. Hope for that.


    WIY thanks for clarifying what you think. And I totally agree that actions are what is needed.

    a mamin

    wiy: You truly are amazing for having the courage to say what you did! You are also 100% correct!! May this eye opening info. bring us all closer to the yeshua!


    WIY – Sorry for intruding in your serious thread.


    Basketofradishes, when bad things happen, Chazal say we need to check out our deeds.


    Just wanted to add that there were 2 big rainbows seen over the weekend..One in Monticello and One spanned from Brooklyn to Manhattan…not a good sign either….


    WIY, if only we knew for sure why Hashem is sending these Gezeiros. All we can do is guess and try our best to improve.

    Personally Im no fan of movies or slits, but I think Lashon Hara and ruining others’ reputations is far worse, which you mentioned after the other two.

    Let’s throw into the mix the feeling of indifference that many have in regard to the bitter tears cried by older single girls. The relative time spent on shopping for adults’ and kids’ clothes, etc. and the gym, versus redding Shidduchim, by people who say they have no time to red Shidduchim. Sad.

    I cant say for sure what Hashem despises most, but neither can anyone else.


    I agree in principle, but I think you also need to take a step back and realize that it is (unfortunately only) during times like this that Yiddin all band together as family regardless of ‘sibling rivalry’ and other disputes. While it is incredibly easy for people to be omed on everyone else’s bein odom l’makom, people have different challenges. In your long list of examples, you fail to all but mention one aspect of bein odom l’chaveiro (lashon horah).

    While situations like this are incredibly difficult and I cannot even imagine how a Father could inflict this degree of pain on his children, the only things that can possibly be said is that the rest of the Jewish family becomes stronger in face of adversity. It is wonderful gather an asifah and address lack of tznius affecting every negative consequence that occurs in the places that are realistically speaking the most tznius places in the world (boro park, lakewood, etc). Perhaps the glaring lack of achdus among those who are supposed to be closest to G-d should be the first place to look – as it seems that that may be what Hashem wants.

    Next time you see someone from Young Israel walking with a baby stroller on Shobbas, try saying Good Shobbas with a smile instead of Good Yom Tov. This will also foster more good will toward everything that you are trying to represent rather than a sentiment that people are all form over substance being frim at the expense of religion.


    To all those who thanked me, you are welcome.

    Real-brisker: no offense taken.

    Jersey Jew

    yesterday my wife said to me she has a weird feeling with the p’tira of the 3 gedolim, the same weird feeling she had in the summer of 2001 when we also lost a number of gedolim.


    Just a thought: Ever notice that when something like this happens, we all come together. No one cares anymore about Yeshivish, MO, Chassidish etc, we just get together to do what we can. Hashem wants us to be b’Achdus, but why does it have to be this way?!

    Its so close to the three weeks, isn’t this galus long enough already?



    user, Next time you see someone from Young Israel walking with a baby stroller on Shobbas, try saying Good Shobbas with a smile instead of Good Yom Tov. This will also foster more good will toward everything that you are trying to represent rather than a sentiment that people are all form over substance being frim at the expense of religion.

    Brilliantly put! I think Hashem would very much approve!


    I know I will fail, and that’s why I do.

    HaShem, grant me the zchut to know I will succeed in Teshuvah!



    The point is to be sincere and try your hardest. Sheva yipol tzaddik vekam. You can only become a Tzaddik by getting up after falling. Otherwise you just stay on the ground.


    Kol hakavod, WIY. To those who question the emphasis on tznius (which, to the best of my knowledge, wasn’t mentioned ONCE during the levaya): This is the only sin where H’ says He will turn away from us r”l. ???? ????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??????.

    This is the first tragedy since I joined the CR where I see so many posters feeling that H’ has turned away from us. “I’m so angry. How could He do it?” This year is also the first in my life that I’m seeing frum women and girls wearing tank tops without shame (some with beige clothing underneath!) and very long, flouncy shaitels that make them look like streetwalkers.

    I’m not claiming to be H’s secretary, I’m just reading a pasuk in the Torah. There are countless cheshbonos why it had to be Leiby z”l and his family; and pritzus is, unfortunately, not the only aveira of our generation. But I feel we have reached a terribly new low this year davka in this area; not in lashon hora, not in machlokes or other aveiras, but davka in this sin where H’ warns us that He will turn away from us. We need to make a sincere cheshbon hanefesh without negios. May we be zoche to see the first part of the pasuk:

    ?? ?’ ????? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ?????.



    Powerful words. Very well written.


    Thanks msseeker


    Thank you msseeker.

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