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    K so basically alot of girls in my school don’t understand how important davening is and are constantly talking during daveningI want to tell them to stop without making them upset and criticizing them! they are all amazing they just have a slight problem which needs perfection!!! Can anyone suggest a brilliant way to get them to see their error in a non rude and respectful manner, simply asking them to stop has been fruitless!!


    off topic: I went to a chasunah a few years ago where a 10 year old girl stood up and talked about all the wonderful things Hashem had done for the chasan and the kallah and she wanted to thank Hashem, then she said ‘Thank you Hashem’. The entire hall laughed at her and said that’s not really what you say. I still have not recovered from this experience.


    I remember one teacher would share a short story about davening just before we started. You can check books (like Rabbi Spero’s or others) or you can ask girls to tell their own stories.




    You can make a campaign and post different signs. You can find one or two people to join you and make a growing project out of the Davenning Awareness program.

    Feif Un

    You can make a sign! With a lot of exclamation points! Just like your post! Have it say the following! “Davening is a time for talking – to Hashem! Have your conversation! Just do it with the proper partner!”


    Hi pcoz.

    I sympathize with your feelings. I am glad I was not there. I may have had something to say. Terrible!!

    How is Moshiach suppose to come when so many within the best people on earth still dont get the message. And to the people who laughed? They created, at that moment, a din for every person who ever had a role in their middos development.

    Well, I hope that 10 year old girl received all their mitzvos, and will be blessed with all wonderful things.


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    hello99: What did you post?


    one of the most inspirational stories I have heard about talking during davening. Maybe it was too long for the CR, so here is a link

    I was concerned about copyright violation

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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