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    For those of you who go to the gym or do exercise at home or walk/jog…what do you do with your wet clothing after the workout? What I mean is that I feel that putting it into the hamper is a bad idea as it is wet and all sweated up. So how do I dry it (undershirt…)? What do you do?

    Thanks for the tips.


    If its that gross I will generally throw it right into the washing machine, if not hang it up to dry out.


    You hang it up to dry.


    We hang it on the window winder till it’s dry, keep running!


    Hang it the same way you hang your dress shirts. Use a wire hanger and let it air dry for a few hours. If you have a lot of sweaty clothing post-work-out, you can invest in a drying rack (has multiple rods that you hang wet clothing from/purchase in hardware store).


    What a wonderful topic for the CR!


    I keep one t-shirt for exercise and just let it get gross for a week.


    I tried getting a heter to wash it…didn’t work…


    the best thing to do is wash it if you can. if you cannot, do NOT put it wet into the hamper or even the washer.

    they will both get stinky from it.


    Thanks for the tips. Is this the same thing you do with wet towels after showering?


    WIY I hardly have any dry piece of soiled laundry which is going into the dirty hamper! Everything is wet and gross from children, spills , sweat etc.

    But I wash so often it makes little difference, unless you dont like bad smells eminating from the hamper…

    In anycase, I have a neighbor who does dry out her dirty laundry before throwing it in the hamper.


    I spray my work out clothes with febreeze and then throw it into the wash.


    if they are the least bit sweaty its….washing machine washing machine washing machine!!! otherwise hamper….


    Stick it in the drawer to keep wet for next time, the way I see it, sweat is nature’s way of cooling you off, why waste it?

    Bar Shattya

    Undershirt goes in laundry bag. soaking wet. it will dry probably. Everything else goes in the corner to be worn again tommorow. soaking wet of coarse. dont worry after a mile or two you cant tell the diff between the old sweat and the new sweat anyway.

    Just as a tip, its important to run INTO the wind

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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