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    superme: I don’t know where it comes from but I do know it can’t be from AZ because they don’t exist. The same way lightning doesn’t come from Thor because he doesn’t exist


    Chcham is basically just saying over the Rambam. If she believes it’s Avodah Zarah, though, that’s still bad.



    There are kochos hatumah in the world and there are people that know how to tap into them.


    Since I see that no one is answering you question directly, let me jump in and try to help and inject some common sense as well.

    To answer your question specifically about Leah Weiss, She bills herself not only as an energy healer, but also as a therapist and a mental health counselor. However, she has no qualifications for that, she is not licensed, and to the best of my knowledge, she has no training that would allow her act in that capacity. But rather than talking about one person in particular, let me make the following few points that should help you and others make an informed decision.

    Energy healing / alternative medicine: The fact is, recent reviews have concluded that there is no evidence supporting clinical efficacy. The theoretical basis of healing has been criticized, research and reviews supportive of energy medicine have been criticized for containing methodological flaws and selection bias and positive therapeutic results have been dismissed as the result of known psychological mechanisms. Natural creams that did work wonders have been found to be a fraud! With dangerous steroids as the key ingredient!



    Welcome to the cr!



    101commensense- what about acupunture


    She is doing the world a chessed by getting the money away from the retards.


    We can always count on Popa to find the silver lining in every cloud!


    People who don’t believe in alternative therapies are narrow minded at the least and ignorant at the worst. Many dismiss anything that is not orthodox medicine without even giving it even a cursory reading which is true stupidity. Energy healing is not witchcraft or even anything complicated, it is simply transferring some of ones own life force to someone else. To say it doesn’t work is truly stupid, it is simply logical. Any alternative therapy can be proven with a baby or animal. No alternative therapy that has existed for decades can be dismissed, there must be something in it otherwise it would not have stood the test of time.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    simply transferring some of ones own life force to someone else

    Oh, and here I thought it was more complicated than that.

    No alternative therapy that has existed for decades can be dismissed, there must be something in it otherwise it would not have stood the test of time.

    By that same “logic”, no criticism of alternative therapy that has existed for decades can be dismissed, there must be something in it otherwise it would not have stood the test of time.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Torah4Me- If what you are saying would be true, all energy healers would be dead.


    Torah4me’s comment is a good example of poe’s law


    PBA: I guess you could say this also is, but I actually think it’s the reverse of Poe’s Law. (Poe’s Law is that a troll looks real; the reverse is that a sincere post can look like a troll if the opinion is extreme enough.)


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Sam, I’m impressed by your Bekius. 🙂


    DY: In a previous life I was a troll-slayer as well.

    YW Moderator-42

    “Simply transferring some of ones own life-force to someone else”

    What if she transfers the dark side of the force?

    How many Eldunari does she have? How about Horcruxes?


    YW Moderator-42: Lol always have something to say 🙂

    Torah4Me: sorry lost you somewhere, im confused



    Harav belskys son has an english Sefer on this topic. He claims to have done extensive research and concludes that all of this originates and is based on avoda zarah.


    What the name of the safer


    A recently published sefer, Alternative Medicine in Halacha, by Rephoel Szmerla, concludes that such things as energy healing (and various other alternative therapies as well) are kosher.


    Someone mentioned R. Rephoel Szmerla four years ago on this thread; on the first page.


    A recent Mishpacha magazine had their cover page article about this issue. Perhaps you can find a friend who has the back issue. If I can find mine, I will bli neder look at the article and see if I can summarize it, but it won’t be until after Shabbos.


    Mishpacha wrote a feature article positively covering the book, and then issued a retraction of sorts, after receiving many critical comments from rabbis about the field.

    Apparently, some rabbis, like R’ Szmerla, argue that nearly all alternative medicine and associated practices like energy healing are permitted, while some, like R’ Belsky, forbid many of them, particularly things like energy healing.

    I would stay far away from reiki and energy healing and such, but traditional forms of medicine like Chinese medicine (which involves not just acupuncture, but also herbs, exercises like tai chi or qigong, and other practices like massage) would seem to be unproblematic, and in practice, are openly used by well-known rabbis.

    Non Political

    Why o why does this have to be so complicated.
    1. Evidence based medicine requires…
    wait for it…EVIDENCE!
    2. There are currently 2 biasis in evidence based medicine
    A. The scientism bias (segula based methods disregarded)
    B. The profit bias (methods that cannot be monitized disregarded)
    3. There will always be people willing to believe in things for which there is no evidence. They are not “retards”. In fact, in one of Rabbi Kelleman’s excellent shiurim he points out that all the members of the heavens gate cult where educated, well adjusted people with no history of mental illness.

    So you have 2 choices:
    1) you can go with evidence based medicine warts and all.
    2) you can believe in leprechauns

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