Does anyone know of any good modern or yeshivish high schools in Jersey

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    Specifically Central or North Jersey and welcoming for beginners, thanks




    I am not sure what you define as Central NJ but you may want to consider Rabbi Teitz Mesivta Academy in Elizabeth.


    Iacisrmma, thanks, I have heard of this but ive both heard it is modern and yeshivish, which way do you think it leans?


    My Nephew went there and it is neither modern or yeshivish. It is what we would call “middle of the road”.

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    IMHO, RTMA is a good “middle of the road” school for “middle of the road” kids. That is: kids that will need a lot of help or services may not do as well as they can compared to other schools. Academically, (torah studies too) you will get out what you put in. Like all schools they have Rebbis and teachers that run the gamut from superb to “maybe you should consider another career”. It seems to have somewhat less of a problem with misbehavior (bullying, alcohol) but there are issues there. Good luck with your school search.


    It really depends on what you’re looking for. You ask for Modern or Yeshivish – does that mean you want a right-wing MO yeshiva?

    RTMA is a good school, if you’re looking for somewhere that will give your child a firm foundation in Judaism, but not a kollel lifestyle. Pretty much all students there go to Israel for a year or two after graduating, and then go to college. They do get a love of learning, and many learn daf yomi, or have a chavrusah every evening.


    I’m not sure about how you would define it but there is a realtivly new mesivta that opened in TEaneck called Heichal Hatora. I’ve heard very good things a bout it.


    Torah Academy of Bergen County. Amazing school. I spoke there a number of years ago about science and Torah. Boys only.

    For girls there is Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School.

    Both are in Teaneck.

    There is also the Frisch school which is co-ed. It is in Paramus.

    Good luck!


    I graduated from RTMA over 10 years ago. It is certainly, as people have said, a “middle of the road” school. Some of my classmates now learn in Kollel, some are no longer frum, but a majority are right in the middle.

    Some of the Rabbeim were top notch, some were so-so. Same with teachers.

    Overall, I found myself very well prepared for my future endeavors in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol.


    I was going to suggest Heichal HaTorah. For a similar kind of school in NY, Ohavei Torah in Riverdale.


    If someone needs a modern yeshivish yeshiva maybe they should check into Ner Yisrael. Its a very good yeshiva thats modern yeshivish. Some boys end up learning full time while some end up learning and working.

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