Does every family have an element of Dysfunction?

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    Just wondering.

    Like, everyone wants to be a decent family. right? And some are more decent than others. But are all families in some way or at some time failing, or falling low, and somewhat dysfunctional? Are there times that perhaps all members abrasively rub each other the wrong way?

    …or is it just me?


    always running with scissors fast; You’re spilling the family secrets. Rest assured. You’re not alone. There is, in every (extended) family a sub stream of gossip, discontent and jealousy running. But it is not the result of dysfunction. Nor does it result (In most cases) in dysfunction. It’s just human nature. Wherever there are Two people you will have Three opinions. It will all blow over. Things will be fine in the end.


    Your definately not alone. I was the first to marry into what I thought was a perfect family. Well, they are more dysfunctional than ever. Especially as the other sublings got married, it just meant more opinions and more atitudes and the more pple I speak to the more I see this is what goes on in every house. It is a level of maturity to ignore the bickering or atitudes or whatever it is…. I try not to let it get to me, although, around yomtov time it can be much worse!


    LOL ok!


    We put the fun into dysfunctional.


    Most of us are aware of the saying that “everyone has skeletons in their closet”. Yes, it is true that not all is perfect in life. However, some people deny it or pretend they don’t know who you are talking about if you ask them such as “are you related to so and so”. Recently at a wedding i had such experience and the side that wants to be in denial is playing a good show…they think so!!!!


    define dysfunction. do you know anyone who is truly normal? define normal.


    Ms. Critique…; Were you on the inquiring side or on the receiving end of “The Nile”. In such a (latter) case, strangers will always tell you more than you know or care.


    My family has me. That’s more dysfunction than any family deserves in a thousand years.

    The Wolf




    yes, we are basiclly all in the same boat. some more than others!


    And some less than others.


    Every person has an element of dysfunction, and since a family is comprised of two or more people, your answer is yes.


    no one knows what goes on behind cosec doors.


    aries2756, baruch hashem for that! Amen


    One of life’s pleasures is realising othe people have dysfunctional famiies too! Normality is one of those words almost impossible to define, everyone has their own ideas and experiences. We never realise what goes on in other people’s lives, thank goodness! Close those doors!

    oot for life

    it’s not dysfunction, it’s just how families work

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