Does ‘giving land to Arabs’ not make things worse?

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    Not advocating for settlement or such.

    The bitter lessons of 10 Av 5765 (Gush Katif explosion of Jews, ’05)… tell of horrific results: Rockets, the emerging of (islamic Fascist Republic of Iran backed) Hamas, etc.

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    …thousands of Qassam rockets and mortar shells later, we now know just how accurate those “experts” were. Gaza is controlled by the Hamas terrorist movement and over the years it has exported projectiles rather than produce to the Jewish state.
    So when these same pundits now try to persuade us as to why steps such as extending sovereignty over Judea and Samaria are dangerous, or accelerating the expansion of Jewish communities is a “provocation,” let’s just remember how effective their previous policy prescriptions turned out to be…

    “Gush Katif – Lessons of the Gaza withdrawal 15 years on.”
    By Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post, July 29, 2020.

    Menachem Shmei

    >>>Does ‘giving land to Arabs’ not make things worse?

    It does.

    It’s a clear ruling in Shulchan Aruch OC siman 329:

    עכו”ם שצרו על עיירות ישראל אם באו על עסק ממון אין מחללין עליהם את השבת באו על עסק נפשות ואפי’ סתם יוצאים עליהם בכלי זיין ומחללים עליהם את השבת ובעיר הסמוכה לספר אפילו לא באו אלא על עסקי תבן וקש מחללין עליהם את השבת: הגה ואפילו לא באו עדיין אלא רוצים לבא

    Regarding non-Jews who besiege Jewish cities: if they come for money, we do not desecrate the Shabbat [to protect ourselves], but if they came to kill or come with no presented reason, we go out with weapons and desecrate the Shabbat. In a city that is near the border, EVEN IF THEY JUST COME FOR STRAW OR HAY, we desecrate the Shabbat. Rem”a: Even if they haven’t come but they want to come.

    Mishna Berurah:
    (יד) לספר וכו’ – עיר שמבדלת בין גבול שישראל דרים בה לגבול העו”ג וחיישינן שאם ילכדוה משם תהא הארץ נוחה ליכבש לפניהם:


    Does ‘giving land to Arabs’ not make things worse?



    Letting the hilltop youth run amuck in the west bank makes things worse.


    The alternative to negotiations, including concessions, is a policy of telling the Palestinians, and through them the rest of the Arabic and Islamic world, that Israel will make no compromise and there is therefore no reason to even try to negotiate with Israel, and that they are better off concentrating on how they can best destroy Israel, so it is an “all or none, no compromise issue”. Should Israel tell the majority of the Arabs (who have made peace with Israel) that they deceived?

    Of course, we can rely on the zechus of the zionists and hope Ha-Shem makes a miracle, but that might prove to be an unwise policy decision.


    If the Arab world thought they could destroy Israel, they would do it in a heartbeat. The reason they aren’t constantly trying is because they tried and failed, not because they have even a shred of morality.

    I’m not really Zionist either, but going to the extreme of actually humanizing the Islamic world and talking like they’re reasonable people is just nonsense. Their strategy is very simplistic: they blow people up who they don’t like, and sometimes get stuff in return. Rinse and repeat. There’s no nuance or intellect to it.


    C.S. I don’t argue with this. But that is not the elephant in the room (asides from at media exaggeration).


    I thought the strategy of giving up Gush was to defend Israel from the air with the Iron Dome.

    Israel can’t just defend it’s land borders with so many Arabs living and working within the Green Line.

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