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    I feel like I need to refresh my connection with my heritage, myself, and my G-d. I need a shiur that I could really identify with. Problem is, I don’t go for most lecturers. Don’t like fluffy rebbetzins (or even rabbis) who ramble about tznius, or tefilla, etc. without saying anything too substantial or text-based. Some examples of Rabbanim who I feel I’d connect to would be R’Y. Hutner, R’ S. Freifeld, R’ Moshe Shapiro. Besides for their gadlus, I appreciate their sharpness, depth and warmth. Do any of you know where I could find that in Brooklyn?


    If you want a course and not a lecture, enroll in seminary.

    Letakein Girl


    Maybe Rabbi Ephraim Waschman? Or Rabbi Yosef Veiner?

    Oh! I think Rabbi Yissocher Frand would be your style, if I remember correctly. I heard one of his shiurim a few months ago, and I think I remember that he gave exactly the kind of shiur you’re describing.

    Other great speakers include Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky (watch any one of his shiurim for kosher entertainment!), Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, and Mr. Charlie Harari.

    Oh, and if you want a boost in your yiras shamayim, listen to Alon Anava telling his near death experience. It’s terrifying!!!!

    All of the speakers listed above can be found on


    Thanks LG. I don’t know why they don’t REALLY speak to me. I’ll listen to them occasionally, but I guess it’s really a certain type/style that I want/need.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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