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    … or does it apply to private firms as well?

    For example, if I know (or suspect) that a Jew is infringing on someone’s intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, etc.), can I report to the person who owns the IP? I don’t know whether or not the IP owner will take action or not, so it may or may not result in a loss of money to Jews.

    If I report them to the owners of the IP, am I a moser (whom everyone is required to kill)?

    The Wolf


    Interesting question.


    That’s not Mesirah. If the guy is stealing something then it’s not Mesirah to tell the person he is stealing from or the government (so long as the penalty will not be more than Halacha would require).


    And if the penalty IS more than halacha would require?

    Secular law _does_ impose a penalty above and beyond what halacha imposes.


    If someone is a Goniff, you should report them directly to the person he is stealing from, in order to prevent direct and future losses. Besides, that private (non-governmental) individual does not have the power to impact the perpetrator’s life beyond what he possibly deserves Al Pi Halacha. Where it involves government regulations, it is definitely in place to ask a major Posek.


    The law allows the IP owner to collect 10 times the alleged damages. That is above halacha.

    Also, halacha has no provisions for such a thing called IP.


    Wolf – Is there any toeles?


    If in this particular case (when someone is stealing) is mesirah has nothing to do with the OP’s question. The question was in general if it is permited to report for a privat entity when its not permited to report to the goverment. I beleive its the same, the lashon of Chaza”l is ???? ???? ????? ??? ???”? (handing over the money of a jew to the gentiles). Of course in this case its not the jews money to begin with. However if its assur to report to the goverment for exemple if they will give an unfare penelty then its also assur to report to non goverment entity’s.

    Herr Himmel

    Halachicly it is ganeiva to report him.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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