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    Can networking truly help when searching for a job?


    Of course. I passed along several jobs that weren’t for me to others, and others have recommended me for jobs which I gladly accepted. Is this what you meant? Or online networking?


    Networking is hishtadlut

    Flattery is assur- although I struggle with defining flattery, living in a society where we flatter as second nature.


    online via LinkedIn for example


    Absolutely. Its important to get yourself out there, to make it known that you are looking and what you can offer.

    But a lot of the time, I think networking is misunderstood. In my mind, the key to successful networking is the concept of mutual benefit. It isn’t necessarily to go around saying you need a job. Rather, thoughtfully ask people about what they do, how they got into their business. Think about how you might be able to offer them something. Then you’ll develop a relationship and they’ll have you in mind when something comes up. Just shoving a resume in a stranger’s face usually doesn’t do anything.

    Networking is important and helpful, but I think it is more helpful for people that need business or referrals or clients or something like that, rather than people who are simply looking for entry level jobs.


    You bet, I got my current job with 1 phone call because I knew someone who was starting a company and needed someone with my skills.

    If you send your resume to a company where they don’t know you it will sit in a pile with 300 others, if you know someone there who can say “oh yes I know him/her and they are great at X” it will skip that pile and land right on the desk of the person who is hiring. Guess who gets the call for the interview, its not one of the people in that pile of 300 resumes!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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