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    Which animal should a child bring to school to protect against potential grizzlies? (“Dogs” includes wolves and jackals; “Cats” includes panthers and jaguars)


    In our case it was cats. our children all drove Jaguars to High School once they were 16 and had a license. They got Mrs. CTL and my hand me downs.

    I on the other hand brought a horse. I drove my 1966 Mustang to high school

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    Do cats include lions?

    If so, cats


    Grizzly bears have no natural predators. Sometimes wolves and grizzlies will fight over a kill, and sometimes pumas and grizzlies will fight over a kill, but the larger grizzly will generally win without much bloodshed as the pumas and wolves are smart enough not to pick a serious fight with a grizzly.

    Jaguars would be the only cat that would have been a threat to a grizzly bear, but thanks to humans their ranges no longer overlap 🙁 so we don’t know much about what what would happen were a grizzly to encounter a jaguar in the wild.

    Tigers have been known to attack other brown bear species, but tigers are native only to Asia and grizzlies only to North America. And a tiger would be more likely to attack and eat you than a grizzly.


    It can be argued that humans are the natural predators of grizzlies.

    Also, the quantity may be important as well as the species.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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