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    I always wondered how does one do Kapparos with fish?

    Do you take the fish and grab it by the tail?

    That’s almost impossible, as the fish is very slippery.

    In addition to it’s slipperiness, it’s wiggling and spasmic

    bouts on top of that is too much to handle it.

    Also, what about Tzar Balei Chayim?!!!

    It is torture for the fish to be out of water, So do you

    plop it back into water every time you say Bnei Adam?

    So there are some of you that will tell me whats the problem?

    Keep it in a bag with water and do the set or Zeh’s while it

    is in the bag!

    So I ask you, what do you do with the water in the bag?

    Do you donate it to charity? or do you pour it back by Tashlich?

    Are you allowed to water your plants with it?

    Or should you cook the fish in it? Or is that like

    “Lo T’vashel G’di”

    Maybe you should just pour it out in the sink?

    Those who do this Minhag please let me know!!!


    So u r doing kapparos with a fish so that it will tip the SCALES ?


    Goq- 😉

    Only the fish is being used for Kapparos. The water isn’t part of it.

    Aren’t I good at Halacha questions?



    clap, clap, clap, wonderful kapusta, wonderful!!! Can you be my posek 🙂

    but all seriousness aside, folks, the way it’s done is you first put on your scubadiving suit/gear, lower yoursef into the water…..



    I’ve never heard of such a thing as using fish for kaporas. You’re kidding, right?

    My husband gave our kids “jelly” fish on Rosh Hashanah for a “fish head”. That, I thought, was clever.


    Shaila for R’ kapusta: Can I use my gummy fish?


    Thank you, BaalHabooze. Your check is in the mail. (wait! was that out loud? Shhh!!!)

    I don’t know about gummy fish. I’m also wondering about the fish in those little magnetic fishing sets. And canned sardines.

    I love that this was posted in controversial topics.



    My friend goes to the pet shop and buys the cheapest goldfish. They give it to him in a bag with water and air. He does Kaporos with it and opens the bag and flushes the fish down the toilet. Clean, neat, cheap, simple. He also gives ALOT of tzeddaka.

    I’ve heard that some people do kaporos with chickens in a paper shopping bag, sounds cool and simple.

    yaakov doe

    Can a tiny goldfish take on all the avairos?


    Goq, sometimes I just love your humor!


    There is no din of tzar baalei chaim on fish


    Thank you smartcookie thats so nice!

    Shticky Guy

    Goq *like*

    Chicken in a bag sounds great! Some guy’s gonna come out now with specially designed chicken kapporas bags available in 5 colors and 8 different sizes, with different ones for lefties and righties, and the same options again but with a different look for women (because of lo silbash of course, though women anyway need extra protection). They will be called ‘fowl protection bags’ and you heard about it first here on yeshiva world news!! By the way I saw a guy doing it and the chicken had a diaper on! ☺


    Zaidy, are you serious?

    Usually I use an elephant attached to a crane. This year I was a little better so I downgraded to a hippopotamus.


    What’s the nussach you say if you’re going to flush the fish down the toilet? zeh hadag yailaich li…..?


    Rav Breuer used to use a fish.


    bowwow – Yeki’s dont do kaporas.


    Anyone know why we Davka use a chicken over fish or money? I am so freaked out by it year after year and was wondering if there’s a reason we rather do a chicken?


    Ilovetorah: Why in the world would there be no Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim on fish? Insects might be an interesting discussion but why not fish?


    smartcookie: one reason is because in Loshon HaKodesh, the word gever means both person and chicken. We daven that whatever gezeiro that is decreed on us(gever) should just transfer over to the chicken (gever). I don’t know the reason how this minhag became more prevalent over using fish or money. But I’d guess it is the “Lechatchila”, and the main option for this minhag when it first began.



    Iced Coffee

    bowwow – Yeki’s dont do kaporas.

    Real Brisker:

    1)I saw it first hand in his apartment.

    2) With a name like “Real Brisker” you probably are not a Yekki and have little or no knowledge of the minhagim.

    Additionally, Rav Breuer’s family came from Hungary, therefore many of his personal minhagim differ than those of Germans.


    bowwow – I was just making a statement, and yes I am affiliated wuth yekkis.


    Real Brisker- According to R’ Binyamin Hamburger, who has written the 4 volume “Shoroshei Minhogei Ashkenaz” the original German custom was in fact to use chickens for Kaporos.


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    Shticky Guy

    BTW I’m very puzzled why ppl think the fish is flushed down the toilet after kapporos. Why cant it be donated to poor people the same way that the chickens are?

    Shticky Guy

    Well it seems nobody has the answer to my serious question so I’ll attempt to inject a frivolous one to see if I get a better reaction… What is the best way to communicate with a fish? Drop him a line!


    lol good one shticky!

    minyan gal

    According to the translation that I read, you are supposed to do kapporos with a goat. That is the only creature mentioned.


    You can do kapores with a goat

    You can do it in a boat

    You can do it in your bed

    You can do it with Ted instead.

    where’s Dr.Seuss, he’ll tell you so.

    I did it myself, so I should know.


    mak – I was really laughing at your question about the nusach for the fishies thrown down the … ahem…

    Well, I asked my husband and he told me with a very straight face that the nusach is the same no matter how you plan to dispose of the poor fellows – ha yailaich lemisa.

    Well, I thought it was a funny ?, but he’s a REAL BRISKER.

    (Oops, not the real brisker here in the CR, just one in real life).

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