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    Where can I donate used clothing in perfect condition, some of them fairly new? Boro Park locations only please.


    Same here. My things look brand new and I dont have the heart to throw them out if I know someone out there can benefit from it. Please, anyone, if you know someone who can benefit from them(gmach or whatever)please post it here. Thank you.

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    near-ish to boro park, theres a place on McDonald and ave P, called shaarei tzedek.

    in flatbush, theres one called bubbys place its on east 15th street bet. aves L and M (right before shulamis HS)


    I don’t know Boro Park, but in general…

    If you have children’s clothing, I know a wonderful organization called Cradles to Crayons that helps out children who come from low-income families. They are based in Boston and recently opened up a branch in Philadelphia.

    When I have clothing that no longer fits me, I usually give it to Goodwill.


    I live in toronto, and the bais yaakov here started a clothing drive for E”Y a few years ago. Its really amazing – a girl had the idea and it really took off! all hte students pitch in to sort, pack,etc. maybe you could contact them about doing it in your area. also, there must be second hand stores (jewish or not)to sell your stuff at.

    or, donation boxes, jewish or not. so many people could use what you don’t want!

    as for nyc, don’t you have gemachs? check your directory.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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