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    Yidden… seriously.

    Don’t speed. If you do and you get caught, suck it up and pay the fine.

    Don’t take advantage of stores’ liberal return policies. If you do, you’ll answer for it Above even if you “pull it off” down here.

    If you wouldn’t do it with your mother standing over you, don’t do it.

    If you wouldn’t do it with your boss standing over you, don’t do it.

    If you wouldn’t do it with HKBH standing over you, don’t do it.

    Don’t argue, don’t rationalize, just don’t.

    Is it really that hard?


    Where is their any Chillul H-shem in devoting your life to Torah?

    The observation fails to mention the fact of what it’s like in the majority of other “poor” neighborhoods.

    I’ve worked in “poor”, predominantly African-American neighborhoods & most of the houses have nicer (or at least more expensive) cars than those in the richer neighborhoods. And the people also tend to wear more expensive, name-brand clothing. And they also go to college for free & they have tons of children.

    However, they are also crime-ridden neighborhoods. And the men stay home playing video games, selling drugs & “having relations”. I know this because I used to fix properties in low-income housing in different cities across south Florida…..this is much different than the neighborhood in the article, where men that are busy doing the will of their Creator. I mean, isn’t that worth allowing them to have a nice stroller in their home?


    roses, when i read that article i saw a big kiddush Hashem. let me quote some relevant portions of it that made me proud to be a jew:

    All of which prompts a fundamental question: Are as many as 7 in 10 Kiryas Joel residents really poor?


    OK. I’m going to stop. I don’t want Mommy to find out. She might call me something else. (then I’m going to have to register a new user name)


    I didn’t look at the other thread until it closed. There is one thing that should be taken into account when you see a large number of ‘Shtick’ coming from one neighborhood: The word of mouth factor is much stronger than anywhere else. If one person in Boro Park hears about an opportunity, it doesn’t take long till everyone hears of it. Therefore, those who are predisposed to take advantage of certain offers have a lot of opportunities to do so.

    This is besides the famous Morah Heter that you are not robbing a ‘person’, and not ‘really robbing’. The fact is that these people would never shoplift.


    And most people wouldn’t kill a person in cold blood. But that doesn’t stop many from speaking lashon harah…

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