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    i am a professional troll. i have been banned from more forums and chatrooms than i can count or recall. i have administrated forums, i have owned forums, and the cardinal rule where trolls are concerned is DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

    Urban Dictionary defines troll as “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument”

    one could logically conclude…that if you dont respond…the troll has no power. trolls are to be treated dispassionately; dont take them seriously because they dont take themselves seriously. do not play with the trolls either unless you are a trained professional like myself. unfortunately this forum is moderated so i dont have free reign to deal with our trolls, but i have some funny ideas for the mods if theyre interested, ideas which keep my forums troll free.

    to the rest of you i cannot stress the importance of not feeding trolls. back in the day before i retired (now i only troll as a hobby) there was no greater pleasure than seeing a thread discussing me and how to deal with me. in fact, the first thing i did when i became a moderator on a forum from which i was previously banned, was look at the the moderator logs concerning my banning. the consternation i had caused gave me a serious high. there really is no greater internet pleasure. soliekyea…want trolls to go away? stop discussing them, stop complaining about them, stop referencing them, and STOP FEEDING THEM!


    This forum has made great progress with trolls. You have to give credit where it’s due. A year ago I was not even allowed to call out trolls (my posts were not approved), and now the mods are acknowledging the problem. Give it time, bro.

    My name is 95 and I have a trolls.




    Awww, why not? They look so cute and cuddly (especially the one named popa ;))


    And now we’re allowed to call out stalkers too.


    To be fair, I think that would have always been taken seriously. Just no one believed it was serious in time.


    I’m so sorry people. I may be ‘ZeesKite’, doesn’t mean I’ve got brains. I get dizzy trying to keep up with the latest accusations / bombshells.

    Could someone KINDLY please explain it to me. Is there one threat here, or is it two? Is Jothar an insider, as evidenced by his posts, or a regular poster as us? How about ‘BrainwasheD’ who also seems to be an insider?


    zeiyer foncusing!

    Shticky Guy

    Yeah it sure is zeiyer foncusing times that we now live in. In times of old, trolls used to hide under bridges and frighten the crossing people or billy goats. Now they’re in our homes.

    So yes dont feed any trolls including this troll. Dont post any more on this thread!! And dont answer stupid threads or posts that seem out of place or obvious such as which order to cut our nails or how to stop your shel rosh slipping down etc from last night! I’m sure the mods are looking into him also. Are they?

    Shticky Guy

    I was at a zoo recently and saw a large sign over one of the enclosures that said “DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS”.

    At first I was concerned for the poor, sad little things. How can they possibly survive without being fed? Will they become an endangered species or even extinct? So the zoo keeper assured me that trolls do not need feeding. They are totally self-sufficient and find their own substanance from the most remarkable places. But if you feed them, they will, like any other animal, keep coming back for more. Even so, they are very hard to tame. In fact it is nearly impossible to de-troll a troll and get them to think and function as regular human beings.

    So heed the warnings of the experts…DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!!


    Well,these trolls are long gone, so I doubt that bumping this is considered feeding them….


    Oh yes, no trolls here. Don’t mind my club.


    PBA, you dont count, you LIVE here! ๐Ÿ™‚


    he trolls find humans hard to tame.




    well im NOT a troll and dont appreciate it when others break rules…

    Letakein Girl



    She/he is not a troll!!! She lives at home and also in a sem dorm and goes to college and graduated high school at 14 and looking for a sem. And , I almost forgot, is VERY mature!


    so what are you? whats ur deal? why did you do online high school? why cant u let us know more info if your identity will stay hidden? why do you turn everything into an argument? why are you saying you want an academic sem when your writing skills are poor?


    when did i say im 14 i said i was exaggerating and when did i say im living at a dorm sem all i said is that im at a night sem which means i go to classes at a night sem doesnt mean i dorm their and enough with that VERY mature because your right im VERY mature but in a different way than what your making me sound for a girl thats doing what im doing at my age its VERY mature to go to college and night sem is VERY mature for my age so your right im very mature for someone my age doing that


    I’m not 100% sure but I think you did say st one point that you’re in a seminary dorm. Good luck

    In whatever you do!


    ivory – o it probably was an error because i definitely am not the type to stay in a seminary dorm when i hardly know how im planning on going away from my family for a a year to israel for a fun filled year at bjj or bnos sarah or bnos chava:) cant wait:)


    Well enjoy that!

    I can imagine she is about my age, more or less….

    Definitely not 14…wait? How would you know?

    I started posting here at age 14..or 13? Don’t really remember.


    the reason how you know is if you can figure out how young someone needs to be in college than im at least that age!!


    So I’m guessing somewhere between the ages 13-130?






    Daas Yochid u are Gump




    Daas Yochid have u ever played Chess


    Right on DY i get it now. Thank you.


    The Goq I am now under the bingo


    Goq: ๐Ÿ™‚




    DaasYochid, you are Bump.

    One Liner

    Feed the trolls gefilte fish.






    B’nos Trolla?


    Bump again. Someone is being taken way too seriously.


    Who can it possibly be?


    I’ll give you three guesses. The last two don’t count.


    Yeah I know I’m probably guilty. Sort of second nature I’m afraid to argue against the ridiculous.


    ????????????DOUBLE BUMP????????????


    If you don’t feed the trolls, there will be a lot of sad, poor hungry trolls. Do you want that on your conscience?


    RebY, you don’t need to worry about that.

    The trolls on this site rank among the most well-fed, humongously fat trolls anyone has ever seen.

    Seems I’ve contributed to their being overfed myself.

    If anything, I have that on my conscience.

    But just a little bit.


    Trolls are awesome

    You are biased.

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