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    I Just got a email blast raising money for Pidyon Shevum for a girl who is in jail in Bulgaria for smuggling Khat, I googled the subject and i saw there is at least a dozen cases of young Israelis who are in Jail for this, My gosh where are the parents? where is the PR campaign the if you bring in drugs and in Europe Khat is a drug you go to Jail? hopefully with covid and travel restrictions there will no new case.
    Didn’t we learn ANYTHING after the Japan episode?

    ☕️coffee addict


    Saychel isn’t so common especially if you dangle money in front of a person and a free trip to boot


    It’s not “we”; these Israeli girls are naive, and not necessarily coordinating with their parents.


    Kids sometimes do stupid things. Now that I’m an old person, I realize the being young often correlates with poor judgement. Its not a new problem. Imagine how bad Chava must have felt when Kayim smashed Hevel.


    @coffee addict, well someone should tell thwm what the cash an trip comes with 2 years in prison


    @common saychel, they can ask their local rov, and why would anyone listen to an ad


    Whatever was said above is correct. The girls are naive, they are lied to, they are enticed by the cash and a free trip to a place which otherwise, they will never visit. They don’t tell their parents everything, after all, did any of us? This is part of the price of sheltering the young and never exposing them to the world outside. They are clueless when it comes to what really goes on outside Bnei Brak, Elad, and Beitar Illit. The Oilam Hatorah feels this sheltering is a small price to pay for keeping their neshamos pure.


    rational: don’t be foolish. The secular, who are completely unsheltered and exposed to the outside world, get into far more trouble on this issue and so many other terrible issues than culturally sheltered Jews.


    Rational wrote, “the oilam hatorah feels this sheltering is a small price to pay for keeping their neshamos pure”.
    Sorry, Rational, but you can’t have it both ways.
    I grew up in a very sheltered environment, with parents and teachers who believed that that was best. As a teenager, it would never have occurred to me to so much as walk to a neighborhood store without first informing a parent as to where I was going and when I would be back. Traveling to a foreign country without my parents researching every single detail of my trip in advance would have been as impossible as my taking a trip to Mars.
    If you want to give your children more freedom than that, okay. It’s a new generation. I hear that. But, in that case, face reality: Your children are not sheltered. In that case, it is your responsibility as a parent to educate them. Let them know that there are people out there who will take advantage of them if given the opportunity, and teach them the importance of being careful. Don’t allow them traveling privileges until the message has been recieved.


    @ari256, I wish they would ask a Rov before they would carry drugs to Europe.
    @Goldilock and Rational, I have a son who is on the naïve side and a gitter neshumah, when he went to learn in Israel he was told in no uncertain terms that he told not do any favor and take anything back for anyone.


    It seems we don’t learn from our mistakes , just because we all still trust our Governments and don’t question anything we’re told !


    @theprohet and the connection to drug couriers???


    Its easy to cry gevalt and invoke pidyon shivuim every time some mindless Yid (of whatever age) is imprisoned for smuggling drugs into a country where it is strictly prohibited. However, unless individuals face consequences for their illegal actions, there is no deterrent. Perhaps its time to hold people accountable for their actions and not assume their imprisonment is the result of a bunch of ant-Semitic goyim persecuting some poor helpless yidden based on concocted evidence or lying witnesses.


    Re what Goldilocks said about parents knowing all the details about a trip a child is taking, this is 100% true, and in many cases the parents DO know that the child is traveling and even arranged it for them, but there are people who are stationed in the airport to find likely people who will take an extra suitcase for them to the destination and it will be picked up straight away at the airport, and the kid gets paid a hefty sum for this. They are lied to about what is inside the suitcase and have no clue that it is something illegal in the country they are traveling to. The biggest problem is that there is no law in Israel to punish people from attempting to export this product, which is not illegal is Israel. The kid figures why not, I’m hardly doing anything and getting paid a lot. Because of their naivete, they do not suspect something criminal behind such a setup and fall into the trap as customs and police officials at their destination have their eyes pealed looking for such people. Parents have to make it completely clear to the child that they are not allowed to take anything from anybody in the airport to bring with them to their destination. Unfortunately, if the parents did not make this type of trip themselves, they forget this critical detail.


    @ GadolHadorah It is still Pidyon Shvuyim and a very great mitzvah. Or should we abandon them to years in prison (or mandatory death sentences in many Asian countries)? Do you know of any Rav that has said we should just abandon them? That would require very great pleitzes indeed. What if it was your close relative?


    @ChananiaL, granted we need to help them, but how do we stop this endless cycle from repeating over and over

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