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    Cinderella – Sorry for my goof. Please be moichel.

    OK, PBA, it was Rochelle, not me.

    Musicaldiginity, I had asked how did it go for you and your class? Was it as you anticipated?


    Uh Ok. I assumed it was you because I was responding to that comment, and you responded back as if it was your comment that you were defending. But it is all the same, whomever said it.


    Cindy -“(But I will tell you to reread your last post. Alot of your points were kinda pointless.)”

    This is Not a comeback. If you actually have a logical reason why you disagree -feel free to post it.


    musical: you never gave us an update.


    I actually wasn’t there! I had a wedding that night and I had to leave early! But my friend said it lasted half a minute and it was a joke:)


    Popa — to make it clear, childbirth typically HURTS. A LOT. Labor is not only laborious, it HURTS. Think about a vise squishing your kishkes in from all sides, slowly at first, and then a crescendo of squeezing from inside out, with your entire midsection hard as a rock. It VERY slowly subsides after around a minute of this intense squeezing. Thumbscrews as torture devices were probably developed based on men observing the pain of women in childbirth.

    So yes, it is excruciating. The epidurals (and I never had any in my five natural childbirths), can only be administered in the latter stage of labor, by which time the mother to be has been suffering a long time. And make no mistake, epidurals can potentially cause a sudden lowering of the mother’s blood pressure, they are not totally without consequence. It was for that reason that I persoanlly never opted to have them.

    That said, the pain is totally worth it, to have that baby, and I would have gone through it a aixth time, if Hashem had given me the chance.

    If men had to have the babies, our specie would be kaput.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    But my friend said it lasted half a minute and it was a joke:)

    Did she have a boy or a girl?


    If men had the babies, they would be women.

Viewing 8 posts - 101 through 108 (of 108 total)
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