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    flatbush mother

    looking for a dorm or family for an 11th grade yeshivah boy from flatbush, any suggestions


    y r u looking for a house in flatbush if u live there?

    flatbush mother

    Yes we live in flatbush but our son goes to yeshivah in Far Rockaway and needs a place to stay and not travel back and forth late at night.


    A dorm is usually done by the yeshiva the boy is attending. Since you’re asking, should I assume the yeshiva doesn’t have one?

    I learned in Darchei Torah, which is in Far Rockaway, and they do have a dorm (I know, I stayed in it!)


    I don’t think this is the right forum for this . You will get facetious responses, and can’t trust people’s intentions. Ask the school where your son is going fir references and ideas . Good luck!


    look on luach:)


    There are people who will Dorm their basements in Far Rockaway


    yep so thats y im saying to look on luach bc pple can find a lot of stuff out about dorming


    I have a good suggestion for you. Go to the website of [email protected] and sign up. Then follow all directions for receipt of email from the group (you need to go into mail preference settings, to see if you want digest form or individual emails). Then you will be able to post this same request as:

    (type into the subject header box, precisely as I have written it below)

    ADVICE?: Looking for dorm or room/board

    (Body of post)

    Looking for a dorm or room and board situation for a young man in 11th grade in a Far Rockaway Yeshivah. All suggestions will be appreciated. Please reply to this post or call…(your preferred contact number). Thank you.

    That should give you responses from either the Yeshiva involved or people who open their homes to boarding situations. Hatzlacha.

    flatbush mother

    thank you for all your advice, the yeshiva has no dorm YET, of course i will get facetious responses but i will do my homework with any good ideas.

    Luach, thanks i will try, yes there are basements but need to find them, oomis thanx for your advice. thanks




    My pleasure.


    oomis – your already a bubby?!


    oomis – your already a bubby?! “

    For over 8 years now, with four aineklach, bli ayin hara. I only SOUND young! (My joints tell me otherwise) LOL !


    oh well you sound like a young bubby:) your daughter or son probably got married at a young age as well as you?!


    lookingforsem – You are so sweet, but I was in my mid 20s when I got married. Not so old, but not so young, either.

    Little Froggie

    Oomis, who cares how many chronological years, how many birthdays (candles) have passed? The main thing is how you make yourself out to be, which is not bad, no, not bad at all!!. Gemarah, in fact, says that ‘old woman’ is determined not by actual age, but by one’s own youthfulness, which I detect is pretty much still vibrant, pulsating through your veins.


    LF, you’re hired to be my campaign manager!!!! I’m running to retain my current subtitle.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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