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    Interesting how the downfall coincided with Purim


    Like father, like son.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Justice for singling us out


    After YWN published weeks ago his racist anti Jewish rant on radio…i’d say, אם מזרע היהודים…לא תוכל…כי נפול תפול לפניו.


    How is this for hypocrisy?:
    From the NYS Governor’s press office:
    “The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a sad day for this country, and it will haunt us for as long as he is on the court.

    “Today 50 senators put partisan politics over the sanctity of the highest court in the nation. In November, the American people get to respond and make their voices heard.

    “In New York, we will not waver and will not back down. To Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and all survivors of sexual assault, we believe you and we will fight for you. The sham FBI investigation and the bigger sham, this confirmation process, have energized us to fight even harder for our shared vision for a better future for all.


    Crickets from the left wing of the CR.


    Just read in politico that:
    “De Blasio’s payback: New York mayor unloads on wounded Cuomo”.

    For this we can say:

    על דאטפך אטפוך, וסוף מטיפיך יטופון…,


    “Crickets from the left wing of the CR.”

    I had already called on him to retire — in the Coffee Room. The nursing home cover-up was inexcusable.

    I will reserve judgement on the sexual harassment allegations until the investigations are complete.


    Charlie, are you on the record as having stated that you will reserve judgement on the sexual harassment allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Roy Moore and President Trump until the investigations are complete? Or do you reserve such hypocrisy only for allegations against Democrats?


    @Charlie Hall,
    1. Interesting how you think Cuomo should finish out his term and retire while you were calling for Trump to be removed immediately.
    2. You were nowhere as magnanimous in regards to the sexual harassments allegation of Judges Thomas and Kavanaugh or Roy Moore, you sure were not “reserving judgement” in those cases.

    catch yourself

    To be fair, you can’t consider Charliehall (or anyone else) a hypocrite unless he’s on record saying, as Cuomo did, that he believes Dr. Ford.

    The truth is that it’s right to reserve judgment for both Kavanaugh and Cuomo until they each enjoy due process.

    The fact that Cuomo is responsible for thousands of deaths does not mean that he is also therefore guilty of whatever someone might allege.


    Cuomo just gave a half backed apology


    if anyone follows the story of the megilla, Haman was hung by Pesach, let’s hope Cuomo will resign or be impeached by that time too!!


    Example # 2 of Andy Cuomo hypocrisy:
    From Governors press office:
    As I said yesterday, there should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment and we must now send a clear message that this behavior is not tolerated. Vito Lopez should not spend another day in office, let alone a whole month. He should resign effective immediately and if he does not, he must be expelled.


    Cuomo gave some nonsensical excuse that “he didn’t mean to offend, he didn’t touch”.

    That’s a lie according to Ms Boykin who said he did “make contact”.

    If you look at the allegedly “anti harassment” videos that are mandatory watching in NY , you will see that they tell you even making a normal comment is considered harassment, but Cuomo didn’t realize? He is a liar and hypocrite.

    Sam Klein

    Don’t fool yourself
    Nothing is just interesting or just coincidence. We all see the direct message from Hashem and know that everything comes directly from Hashem with a reason for everything happening.

    WAKE YOURSELF FROM A LIFE OF LIVING IN DENIAL AND START TO FACE REALITY. Don’t wait for a situation to get bad before you wake up


    “are you on the record as having stated that you will reserve judgement on the sexual harassment allegations against Brett Kavanaugh”

    Yes. I opposed Kavanagh because he was a perjurer not a harasser. I opposed Moore because he is a far right nut job who doesn’t believe in the US Constitution. And opposed Trump because he is a moral degenerate even if he never abused anyone sexually.


    Exhibit # 3 of Andy Cuomo hypocrisy:
    From Governors Press office:

    The latest reports of sexual harassment in the Assembly should be the last straw.

    This pattern of behavior is repugnant by every standard and directly contradicts the policies the Assembly has advanced for the last 20 years.

    Assemblymember Micah Kellner’s conduct, confirmed by the Assembly Ethics and Guidance Committee’s investigation, has no place in New York State government. It is time for him to immediately deny these allegations or resign. Likewise, Assemblymember Dennis Gabryszak must immediately deny the allegations against him or resign. If they do not resign, the Assembly must send a clear message that they do not tolerate this abuse of women and should seriously consider moving to expel them if they seek to return this coming session.

    Enough is enough. Its a new year; lets start with a clean slate

    @emesnishtsheker who is the bigger hypocrite?


    “The fact that Cuomo is responsible for thousands of deaths”

    That is not clearly a fact. 17 states had higher nursing home death rates but only Cuomo gets attacked. Trump is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths but his Cult here still follows him. Trump should have resigned a year ago. He lied about the pandemic, obstructed testing obstructed PPE delivery, and created mass spreading events. That people continue to attack Cuomo yet defend Trump shows that this is really about partisan hackers.

    That said, Cuomo and De Blasio realy should resign too, Cuomo for the cover up (not the nursing home deaths) and De Blsio for his support of perjury at NYCHA. But while Cuomo has a competent Lt. Governor, you absolutely do not want to try to force De Blasio from office. You will seriously regret getting rid of De Blasio.


    According to the NY Times Coumo aides ordered the NYS DOH to alter the nursing home covid fatality count


    Oh Charlie, -“That is not clearly a fact.”

    That’s what happens with DemonCrats, you treat the DemonCrat Leaders as G-d!
    What Cuomo did wrong, is Not the number of deaths from Covid-19, but he had NO business sending them there, especially when he had the Mobile Hospitals from Trump!


    Re common saychel’s comment of 3/5/21, 1:04 pm: Nice to see a Coffee Roomer sourcing facts from the New York Times.


    And now there is four,
    Karen Hinton

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    These charges need to be investigated. He’s an arrogant jerk, so certainly made enemies, so you can’t take someone’s word for it without evidence (that would actually be true even if he wasn’t an arrogant jerk.)

    It seems though that there’s already enough evidence to remove him for the nursing home cover up, and even his admitted interactions with women are specifically considered harassment in the prevention videos which are mandatory viewing.

    I don’t get why he’s still around.


    (Make Andrew Go Away!)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    17 states had higher nursing home death rates but only Cuomo gets attacked.

    If anyone else forced nursing homes to accept Covid patients, they should also be attacked. Especially if they had better options, which Cuomo did – the USS Comfort and the Javits Center.

    Also, where do you get your numbers? Are they from before or after the coverup was exposed and the NYS numbers jumped?

    The numbers I saw had NYS at #17 before the numbers were adjusted. From the NANHA website.


    @huju, even a broken clock is right twice a day I use that standard for the NYT but by them its more like twice a year

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The NYT doesn’t frequently lie outright. They do get caught every now and then.

    Their dishonesty is primarily in how they present the stories, with obvious liberal and anti-Israel bias, and in which stories they choose to publish or not.


    Gov. Andrew Cuomo had someone else take his mandatory workplace sex harassment training course for him — then signed off on it as if he’d taken it himself, accuser Charlotte Bennett says in a bombshell new interview aired Friday night.

    Bennett also claims that one of the governor’s own top aides conceded to her last summer that Cuomo had been “grooming” her — but that the matter didn’t need further investigation because the behavior hadn’t gone any further.

    The explosive revelations were made by the 25-year-old former Cuomo aide in an interview on “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell.”


    common, good news – if you are a female after college and before nursing home, or a male of any age, the governor will not be a threat to you!

    when we look at behaviors of various celebrities, I think, we need to differentiate between those in private businesses and in public office. It is one thing to leverage your business skills or simply money (within legal limits), it is different to use power of the people and government monopoly on power and certain jobs. The latter is much bigger corruption of the society. CEOs of public companies is a case somewhat in between, and we can just hope that shareholders will do the right thing.


    @AAQ, you obviously have no clue of the rules of hostile workplaces, as a risk manager I deal with this on a daily basis, the issue with Andy is that he was very vocal about supporting ME TOO, until it came back to bite him, same as the other big supporter of ME TOO Senator Al Franken.
    PS read the the male employee are saying about working for him


    common, I don’t think I disagree with you. I am pointing out that as a politician he needs to be held to a higher standard when he is using power of his office than people in private businesses. The difference is sometimes blurred.


    AAQ, at least we have common ground, 🙂


    Republican state lawmakers announced an impeachment resolution against Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday afternoon.

    The resolution was announced by Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay and other members of the Assembly Republican Conference.

    Barclay said the Republican conference feels it’s time to move forward on impeachment in the face of multiple accusations of harassment against the governor and a federal investigation into the state’s undercounting of nursing home deaths.

    The resolution would have to be supported by the Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to come to a vote. If passed by the Assembly, it would then go to the State Senate.

    Speaker Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins have not announced support for impeaching the governor, however, issued statements on Sunday evening pressuring him to resign.


    and there are six


    List of Democratic elected officals who called for Cuomo to resign now:

    Rep. Kathleen Rice

    State Senate
    Sen. Alessandra Biaggi
    Sen. John Liu
    Sen. Gustavo Rivera
    Sen. Jessica Ramos
    Sen. Julia Salazar
    Sen. James Skoufis
    Sen. Rachel May
    Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins
    Sen. Samra Brouk
    Sen. Liz Krueger
    Sen. Michael Gianaris
    Sen. Brad Hoylman
    Sen. Robert Jackson
    Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick
    Sen. Jabari Brisport
    Sen. James Sanders Jr.

    State Assembly
    Asm. Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
    Asm. Ron Kim
    Asm. Yuh-Line Niou
    Asm. Harvey Epstein
    Asm. Nathalia Fernandez
    Asm. Angelo Santabarbara
    Asm. Tom Abinanti
    Asm. Aileen Gunther
    Asm. Billy Jones
    Asm. Carrie Woerner
    Asm. Pat Burke
    Asm. Sarah Clark
    Asm. Jonathan Jacobson
    Asm. Catalina Cruz
    Asm. Dan Quart
    Asm. Richard Gottfried

    NY City Council
    CM Ben Kallos (also running for Manhattan borough president)
    CM Brad Lander (also running for NYC comptroller)
    CM Carlos Menchaca (also running for NYC mayor)
    CM Antonio Reynoso (also running for Brooklyn borough president)
    CM Diana Ayala
    CM James Gennaro
    CM Fernando Cabrera
    CM Jimmy Van Bramer (also running for Queens borough president)


    And the saga continues:

    The New York state Assembly is opening an investigation with full subpoena power, the first step in pursuing a potential impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid sexual misconduct allegations.

    “The Democratic Conference is taking the first step toward impeachment by opening an investigation with full subpoena power to obtain facts and testimonies under oath,” Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim said in a statement obtained by Fox News on Thursday.

    “Some members, including myself, argued that we had enough admission to proceed with impeachment today but the conference is leaning toward setting up the process and structure toward impeachment.”


    New York’s “vaccine czar” — a longtime adviser to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo — phoned county officials in the past two weeks in attempts to gauge their loyalty to the embattled governor amid an ongoing sexual harassment investigation, according to multiple officials.
    One Democratic county executive was so unsettled by the outreach from Larry Schwartz, head of the state’s vaccine rollout, that the executive on Friday filed notice of an impending ethics complaint with the public integrity unit of the state attorney general’s office, the official told The Washington Post. The executive feared the county’s vaccine supply could suffer if Schwartz was not pleased with the executive’s response to his questions about support of the governor.
    The executive said the conversation with Schwartz came in close proximity to a separate conversation with another Cuomo administration official about vaccine distribution.

    Imagine if Trump did that what ENS, AAQ, Charlie Hall and the rest would be saying


    Common: Imagine if Trump did that what ENS, AAQ, Charlie Hall and the rest would be saying

    Common, your argument can be extended further: list all crimes that Trump was not proven of, despite everyone from NY to Peter Shtup investingating? With what we now know about NY gov, I presume he made a couple of calls encouraging such investigators. With the business and private life Trump had, you have to be a tzaddik gamur, not to have anything found in almost 6 years already. Latest I read in a lib rag that someone wants to compel son of Trump’s accountant to cooperate based on him not paying taxes when Trump let the guy live on his property for free.
    I had to double-check whether the article was not about Jimmy Carter or Mother Teresa


    Now we have eight accusers, where are all the people who call for Impeachment of Trump?

    Reb Eliezer

    Trump was never impeached for his behavior towards women.


    common, what will be the outcome? If progressive cancel Cuomo, who will be the next governor? Someone totally crazy?


    Aaq, your right, why else would so many radical lefty nutjobs be on board with this scandel….cuomos just not lefty enough for them….


    Reb Eliezer,

    There were no claims of Trump abusing women as president. Huge difference. People get impeached for what they do while in office.


    Reb E, all the Trump accusations of womanizing happened before he got elected, with Cuomo it happened while in office and this after all the holier then thou comments about Me Too, Dr. Ford Etc.
    AAQ, the replacement will be the Lt. Govenor a right of center Dem from Western NY


    >> Lt. Govenor a right of center Dem

    Common, I am still suspicious, maybe Progs are looking towards the next election. They would not eat one of their own without looking to the future?

    I agree re:behaviors in public office. There is a big difference between inappropriate behavior in private industry, given overall permissiveness in the society, and using public position for any kind of private advantage. Such a person is a shaliach of the voters, so he implicates all voters in his averos. This goes beyond your Gov. Just looked at an article about financial disclosures from the new administration. It appears (I did not review in detail, and the article was partisan) taht a number of people who had no significant life experiences except serving in Obama’s administration – all became successful in business in last four years, multiplying their wealth. L tzad shut, maybe Trump’s economy lifted even those questionable boats


    “Charlie Hall and the rest would be saying”

    If you can find an example of my attacking Trump because of the sexual abuse allegations against him, please cite. I did attack him for paying hush money to his porn star mistress, which he copped to. The real surprise was that most of the Coffee Room saw nothing wrong with that.


    “You were nowhere as magnanimous in regards to the sexual harassments allegation of Judges Thomas and Kavanaugh or Roy Moore, you sure were not “reserving judgement” in those cases.”

    I challenge you to cite a post, here or anywhere, that backs up your claim on this issue.


    >I did attack him for paying hush money to his porn star mistress, which he copped to. The real surprise was that most of the Coffee Room saw nothing wrong with that.<

    That’s because most Republicans care more about the job he’s doing than his personal life.
    The same goes for Cuomo, they care more his nursing home scandal and his terrible Covid policies than his personal life.


    “I challenge you to cite a post, here or anywhere, that backs up your claim on this issue.”

    Actually, you would have to show us posts of yours ssupporting Kavanaugh in spite of teh claim against him, all of which were specious and championed by the low life leftists radicals you are so enamored of.

    No body says Trump was a tzaddik, but the claims against Cuomo are much worse. They are of him abusing his power as an elected official. They are of him sending seniors to their death by fiat and lying about it so he can satisfy his ego and make money of his book. Neither are things Trump has done while in office.


    We all agree: Cuomo must go. But who yuh gonna call? Can someone name some names – Democrats and Republicans, who would be good candidates for governor. And how are they going to get through the primaries and win the nominations of their respective parties.

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