Dozens of Yeshivos and day schools across the United States have closed down

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    eli lev

    thats worse than terrible. this should have been major news items. 1 yeshiva or day school closing is major terrible news. where are the great doers ? torah umesorah etc. save these kids! its “preventive kiruv” !


    Which? Where?

    Sam Klein

    Time for serious teshuva and achdus together ASAP

    nothing just happens by coincidence. How much longer do you think we can just fool ourselves into thinking we can fool Hashem the king of kings ruler of the world into thinking that we don’t get his direct wake up call for serious teshuva? There’s no one else to blame but ourselves. This could’ve all been avoided if we just woke up immediately as soon as the coronavirus pandemic mageifa was just starting and done teshuva as a nation together. Just like they immediately did in NIneveh and in the story of Purim and their lives were saved.

    May we all learn from them and start doing teshuva ASAP together so Mashiach can come already

    meir G

    Can this be verified? In all fairness there are different attitudes to tthis heavy shaaloh , anecdotedly in ny despite no restrictions and high density very little serious cases among youth. However each mossad works with what their parent base can handle. In bp they would kill the admin for closing and out of ty pressure to


    I still do not get it: why is everyone so much against doing mitzva of teaching their own children on their own, or in small groups? You davka need to cram thousands of kids in one building, exponentially increasing pandemic propagation in your own community?

    Get 5 families together, and one of parents, or a hired person, could teach the group in one of your apartments. You have seforim, internet, food, electricity – you are in better conditions than Volozhin yeshiva was

    Start discussing how to organize teaching – for those who can do it, rather than lamenting the situation. You can not daven for help if you are not doing your part.

    eli lev

    quotation from a “sponsored content” on YWN ! anyone know of such a yeshiva/day school???

    eli lev

    please share your own teshuva with us.

    eli lev

    @ujm dont know. read it it on ywn “sponsored content”

    eli lev

    @sam klein please share your own teshuva experience with us.


    There are anecdotal reports of several smaller and poorly funded yeshivos permanently closing due to Covid related issues. However, the OP seems to imply the numbers are much greater. Most are struggling with local shutdown orders and dealing with the same difficulties of distance/remote learning but I’m skeptical that large numbers involving major schools have closed their doors.


    I think Hashem is telling us that we are taking too much for granted our days, and we should spend some time inside with our families, learn to appreciate them, talk to your spouses and kids, take them for walks, learn with them, model for them how to act calmly in difficult circumstances. This might be a first serious adverse event in this country after WW2. Several generations expecting daily great service.

    I agree that many are not hearing the message and complaining about the service – schools are not opening, governor does not allow seudas mitzva, scientists are not clear about vaccine efficiency …


    When an OP throws out a vague “fact” that is known only to him in order to generate repsonses it is called troling. Does he mean closed and utilizing zoom, does he mean closed for good? Does he have any evidence to back up his claim?

    What does this mean? Please explain

    eli lev

    read above . taken from ywn “sponsored content”.


    @eli lev
    Sponsored content is NOT news. It is not journalism, it is NOT fact checked.
    IT IS ADVERTISING. Someone or some organization with an agenda is putting forth a call for support or funds with their version of a story (which may or may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth…you can tell I’m an attorney).


    >> Sponsored content is NOT news

    Are Jews allowed to post non-truths as advertisement? Is there a “puffery” exemption in halakhah?!

    eli lev

    of course. so perhaps you’ll do all a favor and contact the advertisers and try verify …..please.
    thank you in the name of all concerned jews. concerned for truth and for Jewish kinderlach

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