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    “chalomos shav yidabeiru”, but how seriously should one take a dream? i had a scary dream only one night, but it had too much real life in it, and involved to much of actualism. it seemed so real that it’s hard to say it means nothing


    am yisrael chai


    i had a really scary dream that the night before graduation, me or my friend was gonna break their right foot and go down to graduation on crutches.

    the next day, there was a party at my teachers house and the ground was wet because we had water fights and played water games. we were playing a water game when my friend slipped and broke her right foot.

    the next day was graduation. my friend came on her crutches and when it was her turn, she went down to graduation on crutches.

    Exactly how my dream went. i dont know what the message was, but for me to have experienced something like that, Hashem had to have sent me a message. Then again, i dont know what it is.

    if it bothers you, consult your rav. i’m sure he will know what to do!!



    Wow that dreamis soo freaky!! just last night i have a really scary dream that a tiger was lose and i was walking home from school and it was running after me. It caught up 2 me and i started saying “LISHUASCHA kISVISI HASHEM” all of a sudden he started smiling and he went off of me.The dream was SO real i woke up in middle of the night and couldnt fall back asleep and hen when i woke up i had 2 check if i was still in tact…!! i was soo scared.

    BTW i know that if you dream of fish ull have a lot of children and if u dream of a snake ull have alot of money…


    always here

    my younger daughter had a nightmare about her health, but it turned out to be complete shtuss, B’H!

    my younger son had a dream Fri. night, when he was by us for Shabbos, that he told us about Shabbos morning: he dreamt he won $1000 on a nickel machine. motzei shabbos he went to a casino & won $1000 on a nickel machine!! truth!



    Dreams are a big topic in the gemara, and sometimes one may even need to fast for them (I think the gemaras around ta’anis 14b).

    However, the Cofetz Chaim writes that now, were we don’t live in shtetles, and thereby have substantial “outside” influence on a day to day basis, so dreams no longer have any repercussions in halachah.



    Um, the Chofetz Chaim lived in a shtetl.

    Also, please source that alleged quote from the CC.


    had a dream once that voldemort (yes i said his name)chased me to the pizza shop.



    Chein: I once heard I shiur on this very topic, and the Chofetz Chaim was quoted as having said this. Perhaps I am misquoting him to an extent, and I’m sorry but I don’t have a source. Take it on my word if you want.



    When I was in eretz YISRAEL for the year I went for a bracha from Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, zt’l.

    A short while later I was at the kotel very late at night and wanted to catch the last bus back. I noticed what looked like hundreds, if not a thousand people davening at the kotel. I decided not to linger as I was afraid to get stuck.

    That night I had a dream that a simple wooden chair was hovering above my head. I woke up and felt it was very ominous. I told my roommates about it, and discussed walking back to the kotel to Daven (as a group). Since no one wanted to go, I stayed back, said some tehillim myself and read (ironically, a story about rav Shlomo Zalman when he was a child). The next morning when I woke up, I heard the news that Rav Shlomo Zalman was niftar.

    I felt that the chair represented din and that HKB’H was trying to wake people up to Daven.

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