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    The last two nights I dreamed of two different close family members who are deceased.

    The one last night was particularly upsetting because it was about my sibling who was crying to me.

    Does anyone know anything about what such a dream could mean?

    Please don’t tell me that reality follows interpretation or anything like that.


    It’s true that it depends on how you interpert it.


    That is scary momma i dont know what it can mean i wish you luck with this.


    I read in the bais yaakov siddur in the section on pitaron chalomot that if one dreams of a relative hugging them that is a good sign (which I did). However, in my dream, my sister was also crying while she was hugging me. Though there were others (living) from my family present in the room in my dream, i was the only one she approached. The night before I dreamed of my deceased paternal uncle who I’ve never dreamed of (though I’ve thought of him) since his petira many years ago. Strange.

    I’m also going through an extremely difficult time now.


    I dream a lot about deceased relatives. Particulary 2 aunts, then sometimes the 2 uncles, and my father in law. Less often, surprisingly are my parents. You would think they would be the most often in my dreams.

    I, too, wake up kind of upset sometimes, depending on what the dream was. I’ve never asked any Rav about it. Maybe I should.

    When you’re dreaming, do you know that they aren’t alive? Or does it seem normal that they’re there? By me, I have both types.


    Usually it’s clear to me that they’re no longer living.

    I know that some dreams are shtuyot, but I think others have real meaning. I’ve had a few like that. This one last night shook me, I think more because she was also crying in my dream.


    mommamia22- No one here can give you the interpretation to your dream and it would be foolish to think otherwise.

    I am sorry that you dont want to hear “that reality follows interpretation or anything like that”, but that is what the Gemara in the 9th Perek of Brachos says.

    The Gemara there has several pages discussing dreams and interpretations. It also says that all dreams contain an element of foolishness, you may dream about what you though about during the day, etc….

    If you are concerned you can do a Hatovas Chalom, found in the (Artscroll) siddur.


    You aren’t going to come across a mekubal on the YWN coffee room. Most dreams have to do with things that happen in your life while you awake? YOu dream about deceased relatives because you probably miss them and think about them every so often. Do your siblings rely on you for support?


    Mommamia: If you are really scared about it and are able to handle it, you should fast on the day of the dream (too late now) in addition to saying the Hatava.


    I think I was looking for interpretations from other sources besides the bais yaakov siddur (not mekubalim).


    Mommamia: The dream means whatever you interpret it to mean. The Gemara in Brachos explains how every symbol in a dream, no matter how bad it sounds, is actually good. This is because as long as you interpret it in a positive manner, that changes the meaning of the dream to something positive.


    most ppl dont believe in dreams although there is truth to every dream if it happens 3 times then consult a l.o.r. good luck & hatzlacha

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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