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    Looking for stores in Brooklyn/Manhattan to buy reasonably priced, tzniyudig dress for my vort – having no luck so far 🙁

    Any ideas?


    Mazal Tov


    Mazel Tov!


    first of all mazal tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! second of all fashion island on coney island in brooklyn has a sale now on stunning tznuisdik dresses. even if the sale is over by now their dresses are reasonable prices as is. good luck:)

    Luna Lovegood

    Try Macy’s. They are always having sales and you could probably find something nice for a decent price. You might have to wear a shell or pencil skirt underneath since very often the dresses aren’t cut long enough. You should also try Dressbarn. They are a bit more expensive but I find their hemlines to be longer and the cut of their dresses more tznius than other brands.

    Good luck!


    MAZEL TOV!!!!!! May you and your chosson be zochim to build a BN”B.


    Four replies and only ONE actually answers the question. She’s not looking for Mazal Tov. She looking for useful information.


    Yussel haven’t you got any suggestions for the young lady? hmmm?


    make that 5.


    You could also try a gemach.

    be good

    Define ‘resonably priced’…

    a mamin

    What is your price range?


    try lord and taylor. try century 21 in manhattan. you can always get a kiki riki under if its sleeveless.

    lord and taylor frequently has coupons too


    Thank you for the mazel tovs 🙂

    Ideally I don’t want to spend more than $200 – so far I tried some of the department stores but found that most of the dresses are very fitted/skimpy or are too formal to put a skirt underneath.

    Was just wondering if anyone knew if specific regular stores and/or Jewish stores had anything within my price range that is classy and tzniyus..

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    If you live in Brooklyn maybe you can try Exquisite. I don’t really shop there myself, but I heard they have decent prices. I usually shop in non-jewish stores…


    Mrs K. 4501 New Utrecht Ave Brooklyn, NY 11219-2441 718-436-7075

    Very classy and tznius and definitely in your price range.

    Mazal tov!


    Try Unique Boutique

    1424 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY 11230

    (718) 258-9013

    Look at The Jewish Press for ads from other tznius’dig stores

    Also The Torah Times

    a mamin

    For the price range you requested,, those two store mentioned above are great for Boro Park.


    Just wear a denim skirt. You don’t need to worry about shidduchim anymore.


    lol popa

    Unique Boutique is also excellent for this.

    There is more black type stuff in Mrs. K, which has a more chassidish/very yeshivish clientele, than Unique Boutique, which has more yeshivish/flatbush clientele. But when it comes to fancy dresses they are pretty much equal.


    Macy’s u will defineley have to add length unless u want longdress.

    I just got a dress from fashion island in your price range stunning and long u hav to go upstairs that’s were fancier stuff r!


    first of all big mazal tov! very exciting!! personally i would never spend 200 for a dress i am only going to wear once. (possibly twice if you wear it for shabbos sheva brachos) i couldnt either find something i liked for a decent price so i ended up borrowing a dress one of my friends wore to her vort. it worked great. and nobody knew the difference. all i paid for was the dry cleaning. i do have a friend from brooklyn who ended up going all the way to passaic and went shopping in this store called pink orchid and she bought a beautiful vort dress from there. they have a website if you want to take a peak and see the styles they have. if your really stuck and cant find something in brooklyn, maybe its worth a trip in. hatzlacha!


    mazel tov!!


    try forever 21 do something different maxi dress, blazer, shell, flats. h and m is good as well. add gold bangles or wooden bangles and a chunky necklace.


    MACY’s is definitely worth a try. My daughter got her vort dress there. It needed a kiki riki but was otherwise good to go. My other daughter got her vort suit at a frum store for about 3x the price, and hasn’t worn it more than 5 times.


    You can try Mrs.K in Borough Park. on 45th Street corner New Utrecht Ave. They have a very good reputation for selling things that are modest since its owned and run buy a frum lady.


    What have you been wearing until now?


    “personally i would never spend 200 for a dress i am only going to wear once. (possibly twice if you wear it for shabbos sheva brachos)”

    You can also wear it to weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other special occasions.


    Maybe you could borrow something? From experience, it will probably only be worn once. I have never worn my vort dress since, as my husband doesn’t think it suits me…


    Any dark suit & white shirt and necktie and hat will work just fine.

    Coming in a business suit, for sure cannot go wrong.


    I wore my vort dress to sheva brachos and on shabbosim (haven’t been to another simcha since getting engaged, but I would wear it there too). It depends what style you get. I picked out a dress that was versatile enough for me to want to wear it again.


    I wanted to wear it again as it is not too fancy for sheva brachos or a bar mitzva or friend’s chasuna. Just my husband said afterwards he didn’t think it looked good on me. Looking back now, I can see that the style is too boxy for me, I really needed a dress with a proper waist.


    Having said that, it might fit me better now after two kids – which is more than I can say for all my sheva brachos outfits, which haven’t fitted me since daughter no. 1

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