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    Shein: That doesn’t work for things like this. If you claim that there is a religious responsibility to give minors hard liquor (even on Purim) you will be laughed at and arrested.


    apushatayid -“they will, the very first time a member of the hanhala of a yeshiva is arrested for serving alcohol to minors.”

    This doesn’t seem to be a likely scenario. How about figuring out a way for them to take this seriously w/o having them to be arrested?


    Nitei Gavriel Succos 102:6:9 brings from Pri Tzaddik volume 5 – Rabbi Tzadok HaKohain – 44 that the source of drinking on Simchas Torah is King Solomon and goes on to say it is a Tikun for the original sin of Adam & Chava.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    mik5 -shkoyach.

    Shein – that is very interesting and answers the questions I was asking on the Purim threads. I googled and found some interesting articles on the topic. There was an interesting article by Rav Tzvi Hersh Haber on TorahLab if anyone is interested. There was a very amusing story at the end.

    There was also an interesting article on a Chabad website about a judge who decided that Jews are not required to drink alcohol on Purim based on some things he read online. That really highlights the necessity of being cautious when posting online.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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