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    Any tips for a recent driver?


    You drive a cab? I thought you’re into math…?


    Ooooooooooh, so that’s what you do instead of staring at the four walls. got it.

    “recent” not current?


    I mean new driver, I think.

    Although at this point of the day, anything is possible.


    Hey! It’s not that late ;)…


    Many new drivers visit Mr. J. Blake’s

    tombstone (may he rest in peace):

    Here lies Jonathan Blake,

    Stepped on the gas instead of the break.


    Don’t drive like a female. That is all.


    All I can say is practice, practice, practice!


    My mother had me practice by reversing a lot because as someone with some learning differences, it is harder for me to learn how to drive. I got my license when I was sixteen, but even though my birthday was at the beginning of tenth grade, I found it to stressful to practice driving as much during the school year, so I did most of my practicing during the summer before eleventh grade, so that I would be able to leave campus during lunch and avoid the awful cafeteria scene where people would throw food at me.

    I know driver ed teachers like to say that parking lots are not the best places to start practicing, but the local public elementary school is not such a bad place to start provided that you do it on a sunday, when they have no school. Also, if you ever go on road trips, it is good to teach new drivers about cruise control when they are driving in the country side because there are not as many cars in those areas.

    When I get home, my mom said that I am going to take drivers ed again privately so that I can get a refresher and have an instructor remind me of things I may have forgotten since I have not driven a car in almost eight months.

    I think that private drivers ed schools are better if possible because the classes are smaller and the teachers tend to maximize the amount of things that get accomplished during classes, verses my brother who took it through the public school was jerked around by his teacher and had to repeat some of his behind the wheel hours because they never marked down that he did them.


    Wow you guys are really helpful. 🙂


    we try, we try


    when driving always keep in mind that the next driver might not be as careful as you are so keep your eyes wide open and be ready for sudden moves,

    keep your cell phone off since you are a new driver. when you are more used to it you can use it with bluetooth.

    no games, no texts , goornisht!!


    Don’t shave, apply makeup, or read a newspaper while driving. Don’t drive while drumming on the roof with both hands through the sunroof. Don’t drive with a dog sitting on your lap. Don’t pull to the right to make a left turn or vice versa. Be courteous.


    Don’t drive when you’re tired.

    Don’t text behind the wheel.


    Relax and pay attention. Go the speed limit. Don’t text or talk on the phone. Don’t drive too much — accidents are the main cause of death for young people in this country!

    Don’t drive when all you’ve had to eat is something sweet. I know one person who has driven all his life, but got in two accidents when all he’d had to eat recently was a cookie or something. He says he just spaced out and I guess wasn’t paying attention.


    stay spaced in i hate to get stuck behind someone who spaces out. look before opening your door into traffic and before pulling out.


    Thanks yytz. That was good practical advice.



    Ill 2nd yytz. Also, if you have people in the car try to focus on the road and not on the conversation. Driving in Brooklyn requires full attention at all times. Don’t be a lazy driver, when pulling out of a spot dont just peek in the mirrors, turn your head around and look to make sure nobody is speeding down the block. Also turn around when reversing or parking.

    Dont be afraid to go for extra lessons or to have someone really good at driving work with you if you feel some of your skills arent up to par (like parallel parking, or turning…).


    Make sure you’re in the turning lane before you turn. This is very important.

    (Obviously when there is a turning lane..)

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