Druze fight Islamic Jihadi Hezbollah using them as Human Shields

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    “Hezbollah Rocket Terrorists Attacked by Lebanese Druze.”
    By Jewish Press News Desk,
    28 Av 5781 – August 6, 2021.


    “Lebanese Druze Detain Hezbollah Terrorists Who Fired Rockets at Israel.”
    By Yoni Weiss, Hamodia, August 8, 2021.

    ‘Locals accused Hezbollah of launching rockets at Israel from their village and endangering their lives by firing at Israel from civilian areas.’


    ‘”Film this Film this, that the whole world will see”: The video that embarrasses Hezbollah.’
    By Haim Tawill, Haredim10, 28 Av 5781 / 06.08.2021.

    ‘Is the fear barrier broken? Residents of the village of Shuya in southern Lebanon beat a terrorist of the Hezbollah terrorist organization and confiscated the vehicle with the missile launcher – from which they fired at Israel • Residents of the village, mostly Druze, handed the launcher over to the Lebanese army • Hezbollah’.


    The Druze handed them over to the Army but since Hezbollah is part of the government and the government controls the army and they (Hezballah operatives) were probably let go. With 80% of the population unable to afford food. I think the last thing that they want is a deverstating war. On the other hand with Arab parties propping up the Isreali government it is doubtful Isreal will start a war either. So Hezbollah has nothing to lose as Iran is paying them good money.


    Abba_S you analysis is correct. Plus, Hezbollah thugs retaliated…

    Lillian H. Mueller (@lill_the_swiss) Tweeted:
    Following what happened in a Druze village (preventing Hezbollah 2use civilians as human shields in attacking IL) “Hezbollah members have attacked Druze all over Lebanon – it is reminiscent of the beginning of a civil war”, says Dr. @EdyCohen, about the incident last Friday. (Aug 8, 2021).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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