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    is e cigs a problem for buchurim?


    E cigs are a problem for everyone.

    For many reasons.
    From the RUCHNIUS spiritual perspective each puff the person is doing the sin of nit keeping the commandment of vnishmartem meod…. To watch your health… Plus anyone who can be seeing you smoke and can cause them to C”V start smoking you just sinned the sin of Lifnei eiver… Causing another person to sin. Plus many other sins to many to mention.

    From the physical perspective. Its bad for your health even if your friends might try to convince you that its not as bad as real cigarettes. From the age of bochrim it can get you into lots of trouble in Yeshiva and also affect your shidduchim when you get older and its definitely not worth it.

    Find something else to do instead of e cigs that wont effect your name and health and friendship with people around you.


    @Gish Mak, how many user names do you have?


    anything that promotes early mortality is actually not a problem, since it benefits society to kill off old people after they have finished their productive years and in the future will be living off savings (including retirement accounts and pensions), which with their demise can be repurposed for more useful things

    alcohol, on the other hand, often kills people in their most productive years, which hurts society

    yeshiva kids wanting to be “cool” like the goyim is a self-limiting problem, since if their big concern in life is to be like the goyim, they won’t stay in a “uncool” yeshiva environment


    1 why?


    Interesting re mortality. May explain why Chinese allegedly started the pandemic to resolve their pension obligations that arised due to their 1 child policy


    Ecigs in theory could be a great mitzvah for those who are addicted and have hard time quitting. Could have saved millions of lives… Unfortunately,. producers forfeited their olam habo for a chance to profit from marketing them to new users. Maybe this is a great example how reshayim get profit, literally, in this world 🌎 instead of the other one


    For bochrim specifically this could be a problem of Morris Ayin, people thinking that they are smoking 🚬.and of hillul Hashem, people thinking that their parents and Rebbes let them


    do they need a hechsher?


    Yes, e-cigs pose a big problem. They are incredibly addictive. I am a health coach who works with people trying to quit. E-cigs are often harder to quit and people who take up smoking in their late teens, early 20s seem to get really stuck. Best plan is to not start.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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