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    Rabbi Booch

    Does anyone know of any very quick, accredited degrees that can be earned online? Thank you. Please send link.


    There is no such think as a QUICK DEGREE and online college degrees are not worth the paper they are written on.




    u can get a bais (bachlor arts and individual studies .the reason its indiviual studies is bec u dont have anough credits in one subject to major in but if u take 6 business courses they they can give u a specialty in business) degree from fdu/yeshiva program. they execpt 72 yeshiva credits plus 18 cleps and u must take ten courses by them however u can take most of them online as apposed to coming into class. hatzlacha

    minyan gal

    RB, would you want to have a doctor who thought like you do? Why would you want to pay good money for a program that isn’t worth the paper the degree is printed on. There are actually places that you can simply buy a fictitous diploma. You might as well do that if you are only interested in something quick and easy.



    actually some degrees could be quicker than others. If Rabbi Booch has spent some time in Yeshiva, some colleges accept more Yeshiva credits than others (if at all), thus making it (relatively) “very quick” e.g. FDU, as @moishlkwd said.

    @minyan gal

    “would you want to have a doctor who thought like you do?”

    I agree that would be a bit unnerving if our doctors thought that way, but if Rabbi Booch doesn’t want to go into medicine, I don’t see why it’s so bad.

    Why do people think that if a degree is online it’s not “worth the paper it’s written on”… it really all depends on what you want to do with the degree. If you want to go to graduate school – check to see if the program you want to get into accepts people from that undergraduate program. If you want to get some kind of state license that requires a degree – again, see if they accept from that college. It all depends what you want to do with the degree.

    Anyway, I happen to know a bit about what @moishlkwd is talking about. Their website is fdu.edu/yeshiva. I’m not sure if you can do the classes all online, but I do know they have these “accelerated” classes that take place during Bein Hazmanim, like during Chol Hamoed Pesach and Succos in Teaneck, NJ. Visit their website/give them call for more details.



    I disagree that online degrees are not worth the paper they’re written on. Look for a reputable program, like University of Pheonix, and look for a course of study that matches your interests. Once you earn your degree, a lot will have to do with experience, so start getting some now, even if you do so as an intern or volunteer. Companies are reluctant to hire new graduates with no experience whatsoever, in a given field.

    the true emes

    there is a big difference between an on-line degree and a diploma-mill degree.

    on the one extreme harvard university is offering on-line degrees. They are expenseive and very difficult. They are also valuable.

    on the other extreme is a guy that sends you a diploma he prints in his basement after you send him a check. these have no value.

    your first assignment in getting an on-line education is doing your homework about online education.


    Online degrees aren’t worth anything…I can’t speak for all, but I don’t know of many companies that take them too seriously

    minyan gal

    I didn’t mean to disparage online degrees. I don’t know much about them. It wasn’t the online part of Rabbi Booch’s question that was problematic, it was the “quick and easy” part. A four year bachelor’s program that actually takes four years and involves research and study and exams, may be worth the equivalent of an “on campus” program for a graduate school. I have taken distance education programs in the past (in the precomputer era), but they did involve traveling for opening seminars that lasted several days, then submitting monthly papers to a preceptor. At the end of the program – after submitting 12 papers, there was a closing seminar of several days and an exam. After all of this expense and work, I received a certificate. This was not for a university degree – just a post grad nursing management program.


    Here’s a link to quick college where the classes are one on one and at each student’s pace. You can take your time or accelerate the program.


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