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    ☕️coffee addict

    1) which side are you on Ukraine or Russia?

    Obviously will answer Ukraine

    2) which side would you be on China or Taiwan?

    Obviously will answer Taiwan

    3) so why are you siding with Russia and China against Israel

    Proof positive that you don’t need to think to be in college


    Actually most of the “Progressive caucus” opposes American intervention abroad and are just as isolationist as Trump’s “America First.” They oppose building up the military, and regard defense contractors as evil war-mongering capitalists (and in their lingo, “capitalist” is a pejorative).

    The ones who support Taiwan and Ukraine, are the RINOs (Reagan Republicans) and DINOs (cold war Democrats in the Truman/John Kennedy model), and there are the ones who support Israel. Though not very enthusiastically (note that none of them favor cutting the domestic spending or raising taxes, meaning they are willing to come up with the money to match China/Russia/Iranian military spending).


    @coffee addict I don’t follow your logic. They support Ukraine (and often Taiwan) because they believe in sovereignty and self-determination for indigenous peoples. The same would apply to the Palestinians.

    Your logic is an effective argument only if the liberal stance on Ukraine and Taiwan was somehow caused by the fact that Russia and China have the opposite stance. This isn’t the case (liberal opinion is not “the opposite of Russia and China). Therefore, the fact that Russia and China don’t have a strong pro-Israel stance is irrelevant.

    I think your post is proof that often, some college may be helpful.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Your logic is an effective argument only if the liberal stance on Ukraine and Taiwan was somehow caused by the fact that Russia and China have the opposite stance.“

    My logic is based on which side do the countries that you view as the aggressors are taking it seems like they are all agreeing on the same thing but for different “reasons” which doesn’t really matter what the reason is, a side is a side

    If people sided with the Nazis ym”s but not because they hate Jews (ex. They hate gypsies) they are viewed in the same light


    If the “left” favored Taiwan and Ukraine, they would be demanding expanding the military to Cold War levels (at least), and reducing domestic spending while raising taxes to pay for it. The same holds true of the “right”. This suggests that the current political leadership is not very serious about supporting Israel, Ukraine or Taiwan, and that the Hamas outrage is calling the American “bluff”.

    Coffee addct: Those who supported the Nazis for an ulterior motive but did not support the Holocaust are NOT seen in the same light as the Nazis. This includes Finland (allied with Germany against the Soviet Union, but only as a co-belligerent and never at war with the other Allies, and refused to persecute Jews or even to exclude them from its army) and Japan (allied with Germany but refused German requests to round up and execute Jews within its territories).

    yaakov doe

    Those ruling Taiwan are not the indigenous people. They are descendants of those who fled China when the communists too over.


    Finland was terrified of the Soviets trying to take them over as Russia has always wanted.
    They allied with the Nazis to save themselves from Russia. This led to an interesting situation where on Finnish army bases you had a building serving as Nazi offices & the building next door was a Shul for the Jewish soldiers. Obviously the Nazis understood they couldn’t do anything to the Jewish soldiers.


    Wow this is so novel, I literally changed over 50 peoples minds just this week with this immutable logic. Not only were they convinced they changed party affiliation from democrat to republican and pledged to vote for trump in the coming election.

    ☕️coffee addict



    I see your point

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