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    EasyJet announces flights to Israel (seen on ynet)

    The low-fares British airline easyJet announced Wednesday that it will expand service to Israel starting this November. The planned Tel Aviv-London route will include six round trip flights every week between Ben Gurion Airport and Luton Airport.

    The slated start date for the expanded service is November 2. Flights will operate every day of the week except Fridays.

    EasyJet currently operates 437 routes between 111 airports in 28 countries. The company has 175 airplanes in its fleet.


    An airport called Luton. It is mentioned in the beginning of the article


    I missed that 🙂 Is Luton far from the main three?


    SJS, I’ve never heard of any flights from the NY 3 to Luton, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Geographically, Luton is farther to the north of London than Gatwick is to the South, so any connection between airports is a big trip.


    By car

    Gatwick to Heathrow is about 40 mins

    Heathrow to Luton about a hour

    Gatwick to Luton a bit of a schlep of over an hour

    There is public transport which is a hassle and a big schlep.

    EasyJet are very strict on luggage allowance but easy on hand luggage as long as the bag fits in the overhead compartment. They charge for everything. There is no preseat allocation, its first onboard grabs a seat. There are no tickets just online etickets. No food is served on the plane but its roomy as long as you’re not a giraffe

    Go to http://www.easyjet.com

    All in all they’re not a bad airline as long as you allow for possible delays


    This is great news! Perhaps this will have an effect on overall

    ticket prices to Israel, using priceline for instance with a connection

    in U.K. & also spark competition with other carriers.

    I hope they succeed & general costs start going down.

    yossi z.

    me too!



    I hear they charge extra if you want a seat near one of the windows that actually stays closed throughout the entire flight. Apparently the others are kept open to allow air to circulate in the cabin and save money on air conditioning.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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