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    catch yourself

    Haters gonna hate.

    It’s not worth the time to go through all the [frivolous] complaints against Oorah. The only real complaint is that people are jealous of their success, and so clothe their own inadequacies in the טלית שכולה תכלת of “Chillul Hashem.”

    My personal connection with Oorah (I have never been paid by them for anything, but I have volunteered for them on occasion) has allowed me to gain some intimate knowledge of how they work. I believe that any objective observer would be satisfied that they are honest, fiscally responsible, and stay true to the guidance of their Rabbinical leadership. What more can you ask of an organization?

    I have long said that the Gemara which says כולם באבק לשון הרע is to be understood at face value – no matter what you say, somebody, somewhere, is insulted.


    Are you trying to argue that just because someone is always insulted, the way people feel never matters? Because that’s retarded (pardon my French).

    catch yourself

    Obviously not. That’s a perfect straw man argument. The point I was making is that it is not practical, nor even required, to concern yourself with every possible way that a statement can be misconstrued so as to be insulting to someone or other. The way people feel always matters; this does not give free rein to the Serial Offended Class to silence all forms of expression. I, for one, would feel constrained if I had to submit everything I say to the PC Police.

    I think it was quite clear that the Eat4Oorah video was meant as a promotional tactic and nothing else, and [despite being rather ready to lose weight myself] I don’t consider it offensive in any way. Certainly, it was much less so than the LoseForAutism video of which it was a spoof, and I don’t remember the protests over that one. This leads me to the conclusion that the facade of being offended here is just a pretense to put down a successful organization.

    Of course, I agree that it is important not to say or do anything, or even use language, which could reasonably be expected to offend. One good example of this (which has already been litigated extensively here in the CR) is your use of the word “retarded”.


    There was a famous comedian whose humor was based on making fun of everybody. He once remarked that everone loved his humor unless the joke was about them.
    People get offended all too easily.


    CY, so because you are not offended, it is not offensive? And of course people were upset about the Lose4Autism video.

    catch yourself

    This is getting to be absurd. I didn’t say that because I’m not offended it isn’t offensive. I only mentioned that I fit the demographic of the potentially offended. You certainly are entitled to an opinion no less than I am. I was simply stating my opinion, which is that I don’t consider it offensive.

    I certainly don’t think it was intended to offend anyone, and I also think that it is within the parameters of benign humor. Is it possible for someone to see it in such a way as to find it offensive? Sure. Does that mean they should not have published it? I don’t think so, but that’s just my opinion.

    I think that there are many people who are hypersensitive and take offense at the drop of a hat. I also think that there are many people who feign being offended because of the power it gives them to control how others speak, and I find this very offensive.

    catch yourself

    Also, I couldn’t find a single thread or comment on YWN or in the CR or elsewhere that people expressed taking offense at any of the Lose4Autism ads over the years.

    I’m not saying that nobody was offended (which I can’t possibly know; in any case, I would be surprised if NOBODY was offended), just that I couldn’t find a single comment about it.


    (note from 79; if you search “lose4autism” in coffeeroom you’ll find this

    catch yourself

    Thanks, I stand corrected.

    I searched with the search tool at the top of the page; I didn’t realize that YWN and CR have separate search tools.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    CY, it’s better to just reply to the strawman with another strawman:

    Rebyid: are you actually saying that if your joke offends anyone anywhere that you shouldn’t say it, and therefore nobody should ever say any joke ever?

    Seriously, most of America has had enough of the preaching of the easily offended liberals. Do you think this makes a lot of friends? Does it make you feel good to ruin everybody else’s fun in order to protect these imaginary people somewhere who might be offended?


    No, I’m saying that if someone is offended, you shouldn’t make fun of them.


    You are so totally correct.
    Only problem is you never know what is going to offend someone. The only way to find out is to first make the joke. Then if someone tells you they got offended. Don’t make that joke again where they can hear it.
    We all need to learn constantly from everything around us. So this is just another pedagogical tool.
    (But if you make a joke and nobody got offended you probably should not say that joke over again anywhere. It’s probably not a good joke)


    I actually have a hard time believing anyone is truly insulted. Rather, they are “offended” for other people’s sake. How dare you joke about eating if fat people exist!!? From the tiny sampling of posters on this thread, it seems that actual overweight people aren’t offended.

    I didn’t even find this video gluttonous. It didn’t delve into how tasty steak is or how luscious and juicy some other food is. I get turned off when I hear inspirational speakers extolling the virtues of food and this was not in that category. But here too, if I weren’t actually repulsed by such talk, but still pontificate against it, I probably wouldn’t discern between them, and I’d attack this as well.

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