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    A topic that’s hardly being addressed at home, in school, and even in open forums.

    My parents taught me, that eating silently – with a closed mouth – is not only simple manners, it’s derech eretz, and it does not irritate the people around you, versus eating with an open mouth, letting the non-pleasant melodies of the tongue hitting up and around ring out it’s ugly tones to the entire “audience”.. some people are eating so loud with such geshmak and weird noises, that it can aggravate the most calm and passionate person.

    looking around and observing for years, I learned that most people are aware of how to eat in a nice manner, and keep their tone closed in to themselves. however, there are many people who would just spoil a table at a wedding, mesiba or at dinner by eating with a wide open mouth, letting everyone know of their activity…

    I’m interested to hear the public opinion, am I too over mannered, and expecting something out of the ordinary, or is this the normal way to eat with all kinds of sounds and strange noises?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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