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    My mother sings Echad Mi Yodeia (Who Knows One) in Polish every year. She learned it from her grandmother, who arrived in the US as a young girl in 1908. While she knows most of the words, there are a few that are unclear.

    Does anyone else here sing this song in Polish? Does anyone know Polish – with its confusing alphabet – well enough to help us piece it together?


    I don’t know Polish but my Bubble taught me the Soviet Russia version. It’s much shorter than the original & goes like this:
    Who knows none?
    I know none.
    None is our G-d in heaven & on earth.


    Search echad mi yodea polish translation. Look for lyricstranslate dot com

    It’s written. A translation program might yield spoken if you copy and paste


    We sing it in Yiddish.


    > I know none.
    Kuvult, there is actually a chassidishe niggun with either russian or ukrainian words, not sure, “there is none, none” but then continues “except Hashem Ehad” … “I am not afraid of no one and believe in no one ” …. “except Hashem ehad”. Maybe the pause was to full the commissar spies?

    Sam Klein

    Why don’t you use Google translate or another free translation website service to translate it exactly from polish to the language you want.??

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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