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    My mother has received a very well written emotionally touching plea for help in the form of a tzedaka letter for a family by the name of Eckstein living in Bet Shemesh. The address to send the money is in Monsey. The problem is that this family is not listed in the BS main phone directory and no one seems to know who they are. I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum who knows this family and knows if the tzedaka letter is legitimate. It seems that this letter has been sent to thousands of frum families all over the USA. Any clarity would help.


    Maybe they are related to the Editor.


    Who is the address you are supposed to send the money to?


    I might know, but there is really no way no to verify, unless you want to email me.


    It’s not helpful if an anon someone here says they know them.

    you need to get personal recommendations made by people you know.

    It’s not difficult to invent emotionally touching pleas for help.

    ED IT OR

    maybe they are living under a pseudonym to hide from their debtors.

    but it is definitely worth looking into, I’m sure there is a vaad hatzdokoh for bs .

    also aniyei ha’ir come first!

    Ask your LOR but I think aniyei Eretz Yisrael have the same din as aniyei ha’ir

    EY Mom

    People who rent apartments are not automatically listed in Bezek’s phone directory, so it could be that the fact that they’re not listed means nothing.

    Does it say where in Beit Shemesh? If you know the area, you can contact a Rav there and try to find out some more about the family. Or try to track down the Monsey address and see who lives there.


    EY Yid

    I know the family. The Ecksteins have a daughter, Yocheved, in one of my girl’s kita. This 8 year old girl is undergoing chemo, Hashem Yishmoreinu, as part of her battle with the yenna machla. Yocheved had one surgery, and it is expected she will have more.

    Please daven for Yocheved bas Chana Yita

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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