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    Yabia Omer

    My understanding was that the Eda Haredit was Litvish in origin. Are they really Hasidic? And what connection do they have to Satmar? Just the fact that they’re anti-Zionist?


    The Eidah Chareidus is not Chasidish. Rav Shterbuch shlita isn’t Chasidish. Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld ZT’L, its founder, isn’t Chasidish. They were anti-Zionist under their Litvish leadership.

    Both the first and the second Satmar Rebbe’s were the leaders of the Eidah Chareidus. In fact, they are the only two leaders who didn’t live in Eretz Yisroel.

    Avi K

    The EH is mainly Hungarian Yerushalmi Chassidim but there are different factions. There is even a Sephardic Eida Chareidit. There is a Wikipedia article in Hebrew if you are interested.


    The Eidah grew out of the leadership of the pre-zionist Ashkenazi community in Israel, and tooks its current from under R. Sonnenfeld’s leadership after the rest of the community (e.g. Agudah) became zionist.

    Yabia Omer


    Sephardic Eda Haredit is complete nonsense. It’s antithetical to classic Sephardic hashkafa. Tinokot shenishbu.


    Avi K: I’d gree with Yabia. You may recall about 10 years ago , Maran Ovadia, Z’L, gave blanket approval to geirus performed by IDF rabbonim , mostly on Russian immigrant soldiers many of whom at the time were not recognized had paskind that the military conversions were treifus. The Eidah rabbonim organized mass demonstrations against R’ Ovadia which got really ugly. In retaliation, R’ Amar, the head of the Sehphardeshe Rabanut, ordered his mashgichim to raid dozens of schlachthoises and food processing plants under Eidah supervision. Just one of many instances where Sephardeshe and Eidah affiliated mosdos came into conflict on matters related to the IDF and recognition of actions by the Medinah.

    Yabia Omer

    I bought S’chach this year that had a “Hashgacha” from the Eda Haredit. Compete nonsense.


    The Eida is NOT nonsense.
    @ Yabia Omer; Schach has to be non mekabel tumah, many bamboo mats where re-purposed chinese window shades, therefore a kli, therefore mekabel tumah, the hechsher is that their made in accordance with all the necessary halachos.
    @gadolhadora, all your ridiculous tale-bearing aside, 2 points, 1) Rav Ovadia retracted that psak, not surprising seeing that an overwhelming majority of the torah world rabbanim where opposed. (you can be R’ Elazar and you would still have to bend to majority). 2) The Eida protesting is their complete right. Dont mess with people greater than yourself.

    Yabia Omer

    Of course it has to be something that cannot be mekabel tuma. But it’s almost as though if it doesn’t have a Hashgacha from the Eda Haredit then it’s no good. This was a Jewish company making bamboo mats for the purpose of S’chach. Therefore it’s leshem S’chach. People just need to know Halacha and not get caught up with fancy peyos and hats.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    There is a different hechsher on schach which is not kosher l’chatchilah unless you put put it up in a very specific way.

    The Eidah doesn’t go for such things, so yes, you’re better off looking for the Eidah hechsher even on schach.

    Your anti-Ashkenazi bias is clouding your ability to think sensibly.


    HaRav Bentzion Abba Shaul was somewhat affiliated with the Sephardic Edah Haredit and did not vote in elections
    if I am not mistaken
    sorry G H & Yabia

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