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    El Al website is so vague about luggage fees for overweight. Does anyone know (with some degree of certainty) how much they charge you for 50-70lbs. and how much they charge for a third suitcase. I have called and called and get the biggest voicemail maze you can imagine. I think you start dreading your trip the minute EL AL;s recording answers the phone!!! Thanks for your help


    this is based on info from a year ago, but i thing its the following: ur allowed up to 50 lbs. each in 2 suitcases. if the suitcase is anywhere from 50 lbs.-75 lbs. (approx) its $25 charge per bag overweight. (if u think about it, that means if u have a 75 lb bag ur paying $1/lb overweight) after 75 lbs. the price skyrockets to over $100 per bag overweight. i don’t know how much they charge for a third suitcase, but you should consider your options carefully. it might be worth it to bring two 75 lb bags and pay $50 ($25 per bag) then pay $100 or more for a third bag. also you can weigh suitcases at home on a bathroom scale. the most accurate way to do it is to weigh urself without the bag, then weigh urself holding the bag/suitcase (its best to have someone else be on the floor reading the scale while ur trying to hold up the suitcase!) i have done this several times and have been within 1-5 lbs accurate when compared to the weight at the airport.

    dont rely on this info exclusively because this is mostly from memory of my previous trips to E”Y, but I think its mostly accurate. nesiya tova!


    I think it’s one suitcase now.


    Dunno-one hand luggage I think. 2 suitcases.


    I was told The extra weight charges have increased. Coach seating is allowed two bags each at the maximum of 50 lbs plus one carry-on. Business class is up to 3 bags at up to 70 lbs. plus one carry-on.


    The limit on El Al is two suitcases. BTW, if you join their frequent flyer club (called Matmid) you can get some extra weight added to your allowance. I don’t remember how much.


    its an extra 5 kilo but i would recomemend printing that out (google it) since most check in agents are not familiar with this


    It’s $90 for a third piece of luggage.


    I don’t think it is always $90 for a 3rd piece of luggage. When on a group flight to seminary, a lot of times the travel agent works out a deal where it is $90 but normaly i think is over $200.

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