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    Should it be legal for an elderly, senile, incoherent man to be President of the United States?

    And posses the nuclear briefcase?

    When senior and elected members of his own party have been forced to openly admit, on the record, that Mr. Biden is physically and mentally unqualified to serve in office even to finish his current term, let alone, G-d forbid, serve another.

    ☕️coffee addict

    He doesn’t possess “the nuclear briefcase” one of his top advisers does


    No,only an elderly felon, who has oodles and oodles of crooked lawyers fawning over him, who spewed forth at least 30 outright LIES at that debate, should have access to our nuclear codes.
    Downright beyond frightning!!


    Jews respect old people. Don’t laugh at them. Simply arrest for elderly abuse those who tricked him into coming it to the studio and standing in front of the mic embarrassing himself and the country.


    But I agree with Ms. Haley that there should be a variety of tests administered to candidates. IQ, emotional IQ, SAT, LSAT, GRE …

    These tests should not be obligatory or decisive. Simply, one of the criteria to get to CNN debate. And if the voters are willing to elect someone with 2-digit IQ or who fail SAT math, they should at least make an informed decision.


    Obama is the shadow president. Biden never won an election in normal circumstances and didn’t get close. Democrats chose him to runbon a campaign to “beat trump” nothing about what’s good for America. Now after a weak debate they’re circling the wagons and trying to put Michelle Obama instead.

    Dr. Pepper


    Would you say about any Rebba that was thrown in jail in Russia for teaching Torah that they’re a convicted felon? Hopefully not.

    Just like those Rebbas were only thrown in jail because the government felt threatened by them, so too (להבדיל) President Trump is only being persecuted because Biden (and Obama who’s pulling his puppet strings) feel threatened by him.

    Who am I more scared of with having the nuclear codes- a tough leader who put despots in their place and brought relative peace to the world or an old senile pervert who took millions in bribes from our adversaries and would sell any secrets for the right price? Definitely the latter.

    Oh- and why do I keep hearing from Leftists, Libs and Laszlos about President Trumps “outright lies” but they never seem to be able to mention a single one yet they never call Biden out for his outright lies (e.g. he’s the only president this century who doesn’t have any, this decade, that doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world)?

    Reb Eliezer

    Not for Trump who does not ask any advice because he thinks he knows everything.


    dr pepper – there are sites and sites that list all of trump’s 30,000 lies.
    and stop making the convicted felon a victim. he is far from a victim. his lack of knowledge and expertise killed 1,000,000 americans during the covid crisis. your own lies, sir, speak volumes.
    again, now I know why I prefer Coca Cola to Dr. Pepper


    The Vilna Gaon (ZTL ZYA) was thrown in jail, twice.

    But we never refer to him as a convicted felon,
    because we know that he was the innocent victim
    of false accusations from an anti-Jewish government.

    Lehavdil, Donald Trump is also the victim of
    politically-motivated prosecutions, and a new
    dual-justice-system that goes easy on Democrats
    and Leftists, while unfairly cracking down hard
    on Republicans and political Conservatives.

    PS: Just in case you do not remember, Donald Trump
    was both the most pro-Israel President of all time,
    AND the most pro-Jewish President of all time.

    PS: Jonathan Pollard said this on 2024 March 19:

    “The Biden Administration IS an enemy
    of the Jewish people and State of Israel.”

    SOURCE: Youtube video titled: “Jonathan Pollard:
    The New American Pier and Rescuing Gazan Refugees”
    by Machon Shilo


    The New York Times admits (Headline story in today’s Times, for tomorrow’s print edition):

    “Biden’s Lapses Are Increasingly Common, According to Some of Those in the Room”

    “People who have spent time with President Biden over the last few months or so said the lapses appear to have grown more frequent, more pronounced and, after Thursday’s debate, more worrisome.”

    Second story for tomorrow’s edition:

    “Election Updates: Lloyd Doggett becomes first sitting Democratic lawmaker to publicly call for Biden to withdraw.”



    Stop editorializing. One faults with their own faults.

    Stick with the cute vertlach your great-great-great-granddaughter teaches you from Bnos.

    Dr. Pepper


    If there are so many sites that list tens of thousands of his lies why are you finding it so difficult to list a single one here?

    I mentioned a horrific lie from Biden that he shamelessly stated to hundreds of millions of people worldwide- why didn’t you address that?

    President Trump is only a convicted felon because the Democrats are afraid of him undoing the damage Obama created and Biden continued. If Biden would’ve been a good president and President Trump wouldn’t have felt that he needed to save the country and gone into retirement- Biden wouldn’t have sent his DOJ to victimize him. Can you name a single other person who was charged with the same thing that President Trumps was convicted of? If not then you can’t deny that he’s a victim.

    His lack of knowledge and expertise killed 1,000,000 people? Can you imagine how many people would’ve died under Obama/Biden had H5N1 been as deadly as Covid? Can you imagine how many people would have died had they been running the country when Bidens friends released Covid?

    My lies speak volumes? Can you list a single lie that I wrote?

    Please- continue to drink Coka Cola and stay off the Kool Aid, hopefully the damage is reversible.


    Every politician lies. But being senile means you aren’t fit for presidency. How can we trust someone who has “lapses” to make decisions for the country?


    This was the most hilarious headline in the new yok tzeit:
    In a Staring Contest With Democratic Voters, Joe Biden Hasn’t Blinked

    And I thought not blinking was at the root of the problem to begin with!
    Maybe it is up to advisors – Blinken blinks, Drinken drinks …


    A senile Biden is way better than Trump at Trump’s best.

    Now I have to get back to my job killing post-natal babies.


    dr pepper : you asked for one of trump’s lies, well enjoy the following

    JAN. 6

    TRUMP: “They talk about a relatively small number of people that went to the Capitol and in many cases were ushered in by the police.”

    THE FACTS: That’s false. The attack on the U.S. Capitol was the deadliest assault on the seat of American power in over 200 years. As thoroughly documented by video, photographs and people who were there, thousands of people descended on Capitol Hill in what became a brutal scene of hand-to-hand combat with police.

    Dr. Pepper


    Thanks for providing that.

    Now, can you please explain why that bothers you but not when Biden claims that he’s the only president this century who doesn’t have any, this decade, that doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world?

    I also asked if you know of a single other person who was convicted of the same crimes that President Trump was convicted of. Until you find someone I’m going to consider him a victim of Biden and his rogue DOJ.

    Finally, I also asked for an example of one of my lies since you claimed that my lies speak volumes. Can you please provide a single case where I lied?


    Most of debate discussions are, understandably, about whether constitution bars senile people from running, but note that T presented a simple and coherent theory of foreign policy:
    – B had several failures; Russia advanced during Bush, O, and B presidency but not during his
    – This is not random: B is a bad leader, as he did not even fire people responsible for failures

    In post-mortems, B says that he understands that he needs to speak less about foreign policy and more about domestic (giveaways). That seems
    to be a tacit admission that he has nothing to counteract that argument.

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