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    am yisrael chai

    Ok, so we’re probably all being bombarded with calls regarding the election ( Vote for a! Vote for B! Are you registered to vote? etc).

    But what about these new calls that go like this: “you told the askanim you’re voting for Turner and the askanim want to know if you did.”

    Firstly, I never told you for whom I am voting. Why are you lying and why do you think lying is halachically permitted? You are clearly not trustworthy. Secondly, isn’t there something about a secret ballot? Why do you think I must tell you?

    It’s one thing to strongly push a candidate that suits the agenda, but quite another to do it unethically.


    How do you see it?


    What good would a call like that now do? If you already voted anyway, what difference does it make if they like your choice of candidate or not? (Or maybe its another push for Turner…?)



    I voted for Turner because i lean to the right, i didnt tell anyone who i was voting for and no one told me who to vote for. The biggest reason i voted Turner was because i knew it would be a big boosha to the prez if the dems lost this seat.


    I get the feeling that we’re going to learn of a great kiddush Hash-m tonight or tomorrow, with the resounding victory of BT and the resounding defeat of Weprin and his toeiva/ class warfare schmutz.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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