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    Amil Zola

    Since the election I’ve heard many cries to eliminate vote by mail.

    For those of you who support this concept how do you propose to address those states that vote by mail due to citizen mandates? Do you want to invalidate the votes that approved these measures?


    And for those of you who want to eliminate voting by mail, please explain why it would improve the integrity of the election process.


    For those who wish to eliminate vote by mail, remember only the individual state can make the decision. it is not something that can be done by Federal action without a Constitutional Amendment, passed and ratified.

    Here in CT, we have very restrictive allowable reasons for issuance of a mail in ballot (absentee):
    Absence from your town the entire 14 hours polls are open
    Illness or disability
    Military Service
    Religious conflict/obligations
    Being a poll worker (municipal, not political party) at a polling place not your own.

    Having been an Asst. Registrar of Voters for many years (which our town assigns to polling places outside our own to avoid appearance of conflict), I have voted by mail for many years.

    This year our Governor extended the illness/disability provision to include concern for contracting Covid-19 for 2020 elections, primaries only and anyone could apply for a mail in ballot.

    In 2014 we had a ballot question to amend the state Constitution to allow all to vote by mail if desired as a matter of convenience. It failed to pass.

    It will be interesting ti se if the legislature takes this up again in the 2021 session and if it is on the 2022 state ballot


    Many people prefer voting by mail or voting by internet. It could easily be made secure. It should be noted that for years politicians (especially big city Democrat machines) managed to make sure their deceased supporters were not denied the right to vote even in an era of in-person voting with no voter ID requirement.


    There’s nothing wrong with voting by mail, provided that there are adequate safeguards in place to prevent abuse.

    Mass-mailing unsolicited ballots to everyone is obviously ripe for abuse.

    In Florida, any registered voter can request a vote-by-mail ballot, for any reason. But there are safeguards at both ends (requesting the ballot and processing a received ballot).


    100%. Vote in person and you should be verified by showing photo ID. If you aren’t responsible enough to get an ID, don’t vote.

    Reb Eliezer

    1, you are as bad as Trump. What do you care if elderly people get infected with COVID by voting in person.


    Getting an ID requires spending money which is an unconstitutional poll tax.

    Several states have been doing all mail elections for years with no problems. The problem this year was that Trump decided to prevent the US Postal Service from delivering mail in ballots from heavily Democratic areas. That succeeded but Trump lost anyway.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Reb E- and you’re as bad as CNN, he never said that. The CDC said you could vote in person in a mask and distanced. CDC. If you want to make up your chumros, do it with my blessing. But stop hurling spiteful untruthruths at people

    Reb Eliezer

    I am happy in NY, being over 70 and not having to wait in line, was able to vote through absentee ballots. Trump lost as he discouraged voting by mail. The Democrats did vote by mail but the Republicans rather than vote by person avoided voting altogether.


    Voting should be only in person with ID as in most normal countries, and in time of covid 19 they could stretch the voting for a few days instead of one day, with a certain order, or find other solution. There should also be organized help for eldery people to come out and vote. In every election – even when voting in person only – there is some fraud, but voting in mail opens the door for unending fraud, and i believe that there was a lot of fraud in this election – organized or not – because of the massive mailing voting. If it would be up to me i would pasken to vote again in all states that are close in numbers for both candidates, and vote again should be done only in person with ID, then we will know who is realy the elected president.

    Reb Eliezer

    johnklets, you are worse than Trump who accepts absentee ballots as valid.


    Verifiable 2-way proof. When you can figure that one out without blockchain and with voter privacy, you win.

    Amil Zola

    My state has had vote by mail since 1995. (It actually started in ’87 for special elections) . Certainly it lacks the charm of driving miles over icy country roads to a 100+year old Grange Hall that was heated by a huge wood stove. (In those day’s paper ballots were used.)

    What I wonder is why every state that decided to have VBM this year decided to reinvent the wheel when some states already had effective procedures in place for safe and secure vote by mail? I’m guessing it was a time issue. I will say the last time I voted in person was 1980. Starting in 82 I began voting absentee for all elections until moving to OR where I enjoyed voting at the Grange until 95 (despite some horrible drives to the polling place).


    “Voting should be only in person with ID as in most normal countries”

    Lots of countries have at least some postal voting. The US implemented it for soldiers serving the country back in the 19th century. Only the US has had a President who tried to destroy the country’s postal service in order to prevent legally cast ballots from being delivered because he thought that they would mostly be for his opponent.

    Amil Zola

    Johnklets, quit the hyperbole. “..unending fraud” Nah, do some research about VBM states. My ballot has a unique barcode, so does my secrecy envelope. My signature is matched. If it doesn’t match I get a call, as I did once after hand surgery. It’s not easy to organize getting the elderly and frail to the voting place, even more difficult if those folks live rurally. I’ve picked up elders to take them to the poll in the way back days. It’s a pain, and a strain for them, compound that with icy two lane roads and the extended time it takes to pick up four or five folks.

    With VBM I can track my ballot from receipt to count. Kollelman this is verifiable two way proof.

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